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The Legion Kings Bracket 1/Ranked #3 is looking to recruit

The min requirements are

300 trophies
500k gold
1500 seals
Right now there is no set min requirement for gw but within the next few guild wars we are going to 48k min. we also set max sentinels
For invasion/raid just do the weekly free sigils.

We complete 50+ legendary task every week and all raids and invasions. We work great as a team. we have a group psn chat and a pet psn chat so you always know when someone finds a pet.


Currently we have 2 spots free got questions feel free to ask

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Gostaria de me juntar a vocês. Lv 1091. Cumpro com todos os REQUISITOS exigidos. Enviar convite para TIAGOTLJ_8RVD.

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você poderia por favor verifique seu código de convite não vai me deixar convidar você

we are full now

We are recruiting again. We have also changed a few requirements.
200 trophies now instead of 300
and now a GW min of 48k.

If you are new to Br 1 we are willing to train you.

We have 2 spots open at the moment.