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The Latest Rumors!

So I hear that the new Mythic is called Gamebreaker… when he casts his spell the game crashes and when you log back in you’re credited with a win! :open_mouth:

Wow devs you’ve really done it this time, this is the most OP troop ever created! You have just completely ruined this game that I worked so hard to play!!!

I demand that you nerf the Gamebreaker immediately!!!

Failing that I will settle for you dropping one in my game mailbox. :clown_face:

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With a 32 spell cost, you probably won’t see it in action much.
At very best, he gets a last spot ticket as an Impervious shield and maybe gets to cast once per game…

Depending on how many gems he explodes and the amount of dmg… there might be some viability there. Especially if pared with somebody that can assist with his mana gain, like Sunweaver to boost him and make him a beefier tank while giving him 6 mana at a shot.

Don’t give up on him yet… :wink:

I heard if you download a 2.16MB attachment 255 times, you get to use a Kraken team on defense in arena.


I heard if you skip the download, you get to use Dawnbringer. :crazy_face:


I can’t wait to see the Worldbreaker, I think it’ll be a a fun troop.

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Here’s the worldbreaker