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The Final Fantasy Guild - League Rank #13 (1 Open Slots)

Open Slots Available: :point_up:

Guild League Rank: #13

Guild’s Basic Rank: Champion (duh!)

Mastery Bonuses: 85+ All Masteries.

Weekly Requirement: 40k Gold + 10k more Gold, or 20 Trophies. We allow a mix of the two for the secondary requirements, at an exchange rate of 500 Gold = 1 Trophy. (So contributing 45k Gold and 10 Trophies will cover you for the week.)

We’re not what you’d call a “Super Hardcore” guild, as long as you meet your contribution for the week you’re solid. So if you’re looking for a guild that gets a high income of keys/gems throughout the entire week, this probably isn’t the guild for you, but you will see a trickling, and the new week is always grand!

Joining Requirements: You should probably be about level 100. While we do have the occasional exception, this is to ensure you’re capable of keeping up with contributions as well as a show of proof of your activity.

Better Chances of Joining?: Having all or at least most of your kingdoms level 10 will greatly increase your chance of joining.

Be sure to provide your Invite Code, Level, and the Armor Set you’re using when replying.
Become a Party Member and help protect the Lifestream with us!

Any questions?

Hi I’d like to join. I’m level 234, all kingdoms lvl 10 with dragon armor. Invite code is ChobitzZ

HI, LV 333 here. All map max and very active player. Invite code is WILSON NEO. Have all armor

@chobitzz and @wilson80 have joined the party!
Invites sent! Welcome new Members to the Final Fantasy Guild!

If you’ve any questions, refer to the first post. Otherwise feel free to contact me anytime.

Welcome to the mad house :slightly_smiling:

Hey there- 155 and looking .got my dragon armor, get maybe 100 trophies and buy the weekly special glory pack 2 or 3 times). Invite code is MOEWRON

Hey brothers i am level 321 only playing a month, :))))
Im looking for a top team !!!
All my kingdoms are finished !!! So i can devote all resources to the guild.
I do 600+ trophies and 500k gold a week.
Im retired so i can play 24/7 if i like :slightly_smiling: p
I know i need to leave my cyrent guild before you can send me an invite. Wanted to make sure you had me a spot.
Ty for consideration.

My invite code is

The title is inaccurate ATM, 2 open slots. As usual contact Zelfore if interested.

Why don’t you change the title?

Wow, didn’t notice I can… thx


Level 137
Dragon Armor
Active over 5h a day
still upgrading my kingdoms to 10 but will be finished in 1-2 weeks
can offer 200 trophies a week or more if needed and 50k week

Greetings Moony

You’re in guild…

Invite sent! moonyson has joined the party!

(Note: We still have 1 other slot open! Remember, you can’t be invited if you’re already in a guild.)

Hey there
I have the celestial armor and am currently on my way to get the dragon armor also.
My kingdoms are mostly lv 10, though i have no problem putting those on the backburner to increase contributions to the guild.
I can happily provide a multiple of the weekly contribution requirements.
Invite code is Gouki_3.

Still looking, contact Zelfore if interested.

Still on the search for new party members!

We make a good amount of resources and aren’t the most competitive guild, so there’s no need to worry about being kicked so long as you meet the requirements each week. :smile:

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Greetings! I am interested in joining Final Fantasy. I’m lvl 145 (gaining a lvl every couple of days). I play on Warlord 2 at all times. I alternate between Dragon & Celestial armors depending on my gold or soul needs.

Invite code : Sianu

Invite sent. :email:

Welcome to the party, member!

We still have one slot left for any interested parties.

Level 121, contribute 5k gold daily and rank 1 every week. Average 50 trophies weekly. Invite code IDIDOTH.