The Final Fantasy Guild Information Desk


Q: "I’d like to join, where do I sign-up?"
A: Right here!

Q: "What’s the guilds Facebook Group?"
A: We had one, but inactivity proved it a waste of time.

Q: "How much is the weekly donation amount?"
A: 20,000 Gold + 20,000 more Gold, or 40 Trophies are the present guild requirements. You may also contribute a mix of the two for the secondary requirement, at an exchange rate of 500 Gold = 1 Trophy.

Q: "What’s a “grace period”?"
A: The grace period is a week without the contribution requirement offered solely to new users upon first joining. If you join during the last two days of a week, the grace period will extend to next week as well.

Q: "How do I get promoted?"
A: Each rank has a different promotion requirement. Here’s the gist of it.

  • Rank 5 >to> 4: Contribute 375 total Trophies, and 250k total Gold.
  • Rank 4 >to> 3: Contribute 750 total Trophies, and 500k total Gold.
  • Rank 3 >to> 2: Contribute 1,500 total Trophies, and 1 Million total Gold.

Q: "It’s reset day and I haven’t met the contribution requirement, should I wait 'til after reset?"
A: No. I’ve already cataloged your contribution before any early reset issues, so you’ve still got the rest of the day to complete the week’s contribution. Failure to do so could cause demotion or even probation to kick in.

Q: "Early reset hit me, I don’t know how much I still need to contribute!"
A: Contact me, whether via in-game, forum, whatever, and I can tell you exactly how much more you need to contribute. (There’s also a good chance I already listed how much you still owe, so try scrolling chat first.) Be quick though, you’ve got less than 24 hours left to contribute.

Q: "I’ve been demoted! What?!"
A: You did not meet your weekly contribution requirement, being even 1 trophy off is enough to constitute a demotion. If you can donate both this week’s and last week’s missing contribution requirement on the 1st day of reset (and mention you’ve done so), you’ll reacquire your rank. Otherwise you’ll need to meet the contribution requirement for the next 2 weeks to reacquire your proper rank.

Q: "When do promotions/demotions take place?"
A: Every week at the very end of the week. (Normally about 1-3 hours before reset.) Vacation/Probation time cannot be viewed directly, but they kick in immediately starting next week as well. So be weary if you failed to contribute as a Rank 5, as you’re likely on probation. (If your Grace Period has ended, obviously.)

Q: "What’s a “probation period”?"
A: If you are Rank 5 and failed to meet the weekly contribution requirement (WCR), you’ll be given a 2 week probation period. If you fail to meet the WCR during either of these 2 weeks you will be kicked from the guild.

Q: "I couldn’t contribute this week due to personal reasons."
A: That’s fine. I completely understand if you need to take a week or two off due to real life. But you absolutely must notify beforehand in some way with your reason and for how long you’ll be away. If it’s too personal, then be as vague as you need to, but you should give me something to work with.

Q: “Can I take some time off as Vacation Time?” (Temporary leave due to lack of interest.)
A: Yes, but for how long is depending on current Rank (and you must notify me of wanting to do so). Note that vacation weeks can be split up. (Resets seasonally, which is when the seasonal imp changes.)

  • Rank 5: 1 Week vacation seasonally.
  • Rank 4: Up to 2 Weeks vacation seasonally.
  • Rank 3: Up to 3 Weeks vacation seasonally.
  • Rank 2: Up to 4 Weeks vacation seasonally.

Q: "I’ve left the guild or have been kicked, can I re join?"
A: Sure you can! Just send me a message here and if there are any open slots I’ll add you back in. Otherwise you’ll be put on the waiting list, we’ll let you know when you’re up next. :slightly_smiling: (Note: If you were very recently kicked within the past month, you’ll automatically be put on the waiting list regardless of open space.)

Q: "I have a question."
A: Fire away! I’ll answer anything I can about the guild that I can provide.

Final Fantasy Recruiting (Rank 11)