The Final Crimson Insignia Codes!


We have the final Crimson Insignia code for the weekend up on Facebook.

This has 30 uses, instead of 20. Still, you better be quick!


Yeeeeeeeeeeees! I’m finally on the forums at the right moment! Feel my poweeeeeeeeeeeer!


That’s awesome, thank you! :sunglasses:


Oh, Happy Day~


They’re all gone - congratulations to all the winners. If you missed out, don’t worry, we’ll be adding Crimson Insignia to the Glory Rewards tab of the shop in a couple of weeks’ time.


Thank you, Sirrian. I have lots of Glory available after this week.


There sure were some favoritism! :disappointed: All codes were given out early morning (Canada), maybe mix it up next time?


As long as you can get the weapon with glory everything is okay.


What do you mean instead of 20? Does that mean the code I got at PAX is good for another 19 players?? If so I have to tell my guild!


This promotion is discriminatory against those of us with jobs. :frowning: