The false bans are out of control

Yeah this is dangerous stuff I can relate to. When it’s a bad idea for me to post tends to be:

  • Super early in the morning
  • Super late at night
  • Drunk
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I didn’t take offense at what you were saying. As I stated before, it was your behavior that was going to get you in trouble, not whether I took offense at it. You were complaining that all chat bans were done by bots, that no one ever actually looked at the chat logs, because if they did you would never have been banned. Then you made some egregious comments about “special snowflakes who get their feelings hurt.” Don’t bother trying to argue about the quote marks, because that’s exactly what you said.

I tried to educate you on what the issue was. You didn’t want to hear it, you just wanted to complain and spout conspiracy theories. My prior comment stands. No sympathy here. You earned it.


@Sphyndel If you got a perma ban on chat and your game returns, just play the game buddy. Global chat isn’t necessarily for chatting for long hours. It isn’t even designed for that purpose. People there usually share team codes, trade honors, etc which are a part of the gameplay. And global chat doesn’t display a long string of chats, so any kind of unrelated spam irritates the users of the said chat. Even a bunch of “Good morning” messages can irritate other users. So I suggest you to stick with other socializing channels like reddit, fb, or discord for socializing purposes.

Please know that I am not here to blame you as I don’t even know you. My suggestion to you still stands. Happy gemming.


Alright, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

No, you never tried to explain anything, all you said is that I sounded like a jerk. I had asked you what I said in that moment and you ignored me, twice. And no, I said “It’s kind of sad how the world is run my snowflakes, in my opinion not EVERYTHING should be about feeling”

What I have learned though is the obviously different communities have different limits of how far you can joke, the GoW community isn’t very far, so I’m just going to try my hardest to not go into global very often anymore.

Although, you did answer me here, so there is always the chance that you simply didn’t see me in chat twice, in that chase, thank you for answering now :slight_smile:

@jpraveensn Yeah, I was planning to do that if I get appealed, I’m pretty much only going to be in chat to trade/giveaway honors. I’ve made a lot of friends since I began but I’m just going to PM them from now on for a conversation. Happy gemming to you too :slight_smile:

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Just the use of such a term is enough to know a lot about the person behind the word. Words signal to others worldviews that, in themselves, designate recipients as either part of the in-group or out-group.

Functionally, it’s the same as any other slur — if I hear a person say “homo” or the like, I know all I need to know: that I don’t like said person, because said person does not share my values.

You don’t get to say nasty or otherwise mean-spirited things without consequence. Boo-hoo.


That was said AFTER I was banned, like I said I was frustrated at the time as I felt i was banned falsely yet again. I’m awaiting for what Kafka tells me what I said because even now I have no idea.

When i refer to “snowflakes” I’m talking about the kinds of people, and this is no lie, college level people how cry and needed a pony stuffed animal and coloring book in a safe space when Donald Trump became president. I’m not referring to the everyday person.

Also, “Because said person does not share my same values” is a horrible reason why 2 people who literally just met can’t get along, you yourself just categorized yourself as you were trying to categorize me with just the sentence.

How would they know if I didnt like you and changed my name to yours and said bannable stuff and then changed back after i took screenshots of what I said oh wait after what you said. It seems it can be exploited unless they would know it wasn’t you that said that.

As possible as that can be, I believe the devs apply the flag based on the invite code behind the name instead of the name itself. But that is something for them to answer here. @Kafka

The would be a possibility if you used lite chat, I personally do but most people don’t. At this point I’m just waiting for Kafka to email me so I can see what I said. We’ll see if what you said is possible by that point but I highly doubt it. Besides, they use the invite code and not the name itself.

This. This kind of stuff right here is why you keep getting banned. And it proves my point yet again that you haven’t learned anything. I’ll say it one more time. You have earned your ban. Your absolute refusal to learn that there is a problem with exclusionary speech is what will keep you banned.


We go by invite code, not name.


If someone just sends screenshots without using the report button then there would be no way you would know unless chat logs are saved . I avoid global at all cost therefore I avoid the trouble. There are too many new accounts in global lately and its impossible to know if they are really new or global trolls.

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To be honest its a game with very little under any control; especially what it offers to players and game-play options beyond pay to win. The troop said it all -self fulfilling-Woe is Me- for whatever reason - a ban- a delve attempt without potions- a forced arena run for campaign point - pvp rng…we luv to hate this game…