The Eulogy of Bone Dragon's death

Friends, PC Gamers, and Noble Gamers, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Bone Dragon, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones
The Bone Dragon was a troop much loved, as the forums sang several times of the individual. He with his devout companions, Courage and Famine travelled far and wide conquering multiple teams. So much was his power that no team could stop him, only his own mirror… He had several acquaintances he worked with, Orion, Draak, and the last one, Wraith. Today we gather here as his nerf as arrived. The days of his might have now come to an end as he no longer has the ability to remove the first troop even if it was a fully traited Gorgotha. Now we look towards the future and wonder what the gods of RNG and Meta hold for us
Friends, PC Gamers, Mobile Gamers, lend me your ears; At this moment when we are about to lay his body to rest, let’s all think back and think about how he touched our lives and maybe hope that one day, we will see him again.


I think it’s more like you can only use 25 of them at a time now.

Real funny dude.

Not a eulogy but an epitaph:

Here lies bone dragon
So fun to attack against
Wait no it wasn’t


@efh313 Lights a candle at the back of the sanctuary, walks somberly to the front pew, and with a heavy sigh takes a seat in anticipation of the eulogy to come.

chuckles; then quickly coughs to cover it up



I sincerely hope this accomplishes what we want. The Devs did their part, now the players needs to do theirs…


The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. - Bone Dragon


To all, the Eulogy has been delivered

Well done @Beowulf!

My hat is off to you, sir! :wink: :tophat:

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I have a good idea to request Sirrian to lock this thread. Too much hate against BD and that may boil over on me

I wouldn’t rush to do that yet.
Everybody so far has been enjoying the joke and playing along. :wink:

If you start getting hate posts then we can cross that bridge.
For now, I think this is a great thread for people to come and poke fun at that beast who is finally getting a LOOOOONG awaited nerf!

Just my two cents…


I would dance on its grave but its freaking undead so I wouldn’t risk it.


You’d get frozen at least


Nah, most likely it’s soul has passed on. Unless some stupid Necromancer resurrects him, we’re safe

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