The endgame player dilemma

Currently I am VIP level 3, but I’d like to be VIP level 5 (solely for the VIP key access to chase new mythics).

I don’t mind spending money on a game I like (and considering I’ve played GoW for more than two-and-a-half years now, it seems safe to say that I like the game), but I would like to gain something when I spend my money.

The problem (and hence my “dilemma” ) is that there is nothing in the shop that is really worth the money for endgame players.

I currently need 475 VIP points to reach VIP level 5, but the only thing in the store that seems genuinely useful is the Dreadknight armor pack (but considering the fact that I already have Dragon armor the upgrade isn’t that fantastic (not worth 50 USD, IMHO)). And this would only take me halfway on the VIP points that I need to reach level 5…

I already have all troops, so any troop pack is useless. I have virtually all troops completely traited (and as soon as the arcane rage and arcane stoic bundles that are planned for the next two weeks have been bought I will have all troops completely traited), so traitstone packs are useless to me as well. And all other packs (avatars or guild keys and seals) are simply way overpriced IMHO (and I’d need quite a few of those to get to VIP level 5). So not worth the money IMHO…

So it does seem that there really isn’t anything that endgame players can spend money on and feel like they actually get something worth the money. Because right now I’m looking at needing 475 VIP points (roughly 100 USD required to get those points) and no real useful thing to buy from the store to get those points. It seems like staying at VIP 3 is my best option, even though I want to go to VIP level 5, the things that I can buy don’t seem to be worth the money for endgame players…


Maybe when the soul forge comes out and the new jewels there will be some packs there that justify you spending your money. Time will tell, good suggestion though.

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They do need to rework the shop items to make them more “appealing” to those willing to spend money. I am sure it would improve the bottom line if people had some good choices. I agree with this original poster, I need better things to spend $$$ on if I am ever going to climb past Vip6.

I’m kinda in the same boat here. I’m barely VIP 7 and happy to spend more but my only justifiable option is to buy the legendary weapons as they appear.

I assume you already bought the VIP pack (limit 3 per account), if I recall it was like $5 and gives +75 VIP Points per pack.

If you don’t want to spend on the DeathKnight Armor, you could take the long route. Daily Gems Packs for $5 is a reasonable deal (compared to the others) and most players can always use Gems at some point when chasing Mythics. As Clark wrote above, continue to wait to see what gets added to the Store when 3.1 arrives.


Buying gems is an awful value proposition if you’re in a top guild. Between GW rewards and legendary tasks, I’m usually sitting on a nice stack. VIP keys were (iirc) giving too much VIP on console only, but they fixed that now, at least on XBOX. I main on mobile though and when I bought them they were 25 per.

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Ha! “Too much” seemed “about right” to me when I bought my 3 VIP packs on the X1. :grinning:. I did realize the +75VIP Points for each pack was a very limited time offer😉


Ok bro. You want lvl 5. Go get it!

You deserve it! 2 and half years? Bruh…please go get that.


I like your thought process.

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i’m half way to VIP level 17…
so yes, i don’t mind spending money on the game either,
but i agree with you… some better offers in the store would be nice.

also a short tip: i think for mythics, it’s better to buy the path to glory pack 2.
at least there is a guaranteed mythic. you need a lot of luck to get a mythic out of VIP chests.
I bought 150 VIP chests last month and only got 24 legendaries and the rest epics and stones…
not a single mythic -_____-

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I agree that VIP chests do not have a high enough Mythic drop rate. That is why I typically buy gem chests with my gems… I wish that the VIP chests were actually worth it though.

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@MickiTheFox and @Clark: You both make a very useful point. I thought VIP chests had a good mythic droprate but apparently that’s rather disappointing. As access to VIP chests was my main goal, this information makes it even less interesting for me to spend money. Because of the VIP chests aren’t worth the money, and the things I can buy in the store aren’t worth the money, then why would I spend money anyway?

Thanks for your input. I’ll be staying at VIP level 3. :slight_smile:

Cool topic.

For me I want to slowly savor a game and not buy things… but I also want to support the company. I really do. Then you make the point that after a while it would be just lighting money on fire because we have everything anyways.

If there was a $5 a month rotating subscription that (just brainstorming) got you 1 day EA on things or whatever would just be a cool option for people like us.

Hey @KrudlerTheHorse! I am glad you are back brudda! There is an awesome forumer i want you to meet! @MistyTheCow has been a good contributor here and i figure us animals gotta stick together!

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although i have most of the stuff in the game (cards, weapons, traits… and so on)
i will still spend money on the game. i love the game and want to support it.

and i want to get to VIP level 20 some day… XD

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I am VIP 10 myself, I would had supported the game more if I was able to, buy some more gems packs etc.

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Actually the VIP chests do give the best mythic drop rate, even when you factor in the fact you can get more gem chests for the same number of gems (5:1).

You have 0.1% chance to pull a mythic with a gem key. Opening 250 gives you the odds of 1 - (99.9%^250) which comes approximately 1 - 0.78 or 22% chance.

You have a 1% chance to pull a mythic from a VIP chest. Opening 50 yields 1 - (99%^50) which yields approximately 1 - 0.605 or a 39.5% chance or almost double the odds.

Doesn’t mean you can’t get a run of bad luck (as @Rickygervais can attest to). But just straight up by the numbers, the VIP chests do have the best odds.

Edit: Doing the numbers a little more. You would need to do double the number of gems keys (500) to get the same odds as the 50 VIP keys.

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Its nothing more depressing than going 250+ VIP keys without getting a Mythic tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t disagree. It’s more noticeable because they are more costly while gem keys are very easy to get especially if you’re in a top guild between basic and legendary tasks.

yes… sadly i also know what that feels like -_-

Oh well I burned like 1500 gem keys before I got the previous mythic, it was like a slap in the face even if I got the Mythic in the end. I could not imagine how it would have been if I didnt got it tho.