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The Dire Wolves Recruiting new Players

The Dire Wolves is a new guild taking on new and old players.

Whether you’ve just started or have been a long time player and just want a relaxed guild to chill out with low requirements. Then this is the guild for you.

If you’re a new player you’re more than welcome to join us as you learn the game. As we’ve all been there.

The leaders of the guild are family. As I have myself, my wife and my brother in the guild.

If this is the kind of guild you’re looking for feel free to join in and if we’re full just reply here and will let you know when there is room.

So come run with us. Run with the Pack.

For we are:

Born in Blood
Forged in Battle!

We’ve filled up and are moving up.

The guild just made another level and has room for yet another player.

So if you’re looking for an active but casual guild to learn the game then come join The Dire Wolves.

We have room for another active player. Whether new or old.

Our requirements are low 20 trophies, 100 seals, and 5000 gold per week.

So come join us and run with the pack.