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The Dire Wolves Recruiting New Players (PC/Mobile)

The Dire Wolves is an active guild looking for active players.

Whether you’ve just started or have been a long time player and just want a guild to chill out with low requirements. Then this is the guild for you.

If you’re a new player you’re more than welcome to join us as you learn the game. As we’ve all been there.

The leaders of the guild are family. As I have myself, my wife and my brother in the guild.

Currently we have won every day of the last 5 guild wars for our bracket. So lots of good exp boosts for everyone.

We also usually make 40k guild seals every week.

If this is the kind of guild you’re looking for feel free to join in and if we’re full just reply here and will let you know when there is room.

So come run with us. Run with the Pack.

For we are:

Born in Blood
Forged in Battle!

We’ve filled up and are moving up.

The guild just made another level and has room for yet another player.

So if you’re looking for an active but casual guild to learn the game then come join The Dire Wolves.

We have room for another active player. Whether new or old.

Our requirements are low 20 trophies, 100 seals, and 5000 gold per week.

So come join us and run with the pack.

Still moving onward and upward. we dominated in the last guild war. So come and join us before the next one starts.

No discord needed. As it seems so many guilds require it.

Still recruiting active players. We’re a very fast growing guild. In less than 3 weeks we’ve gone to almost 30 members. Even though the requirements are low a lot of us still do the guild events .

If we’re full just send me a message here and I’ll see about making room

So come join an ever growing guild.

We have openings again today and tomorrow. Looking for those that are at least level 30.

We’ve grown really fast in just the 3 weeks since the guild has started. We can have a total of 30 members now and have moved up to the top 8K.

So if you’re looking for an active guild with low requirements just message me here and i’ll get you in.

Hi. If you still have opening, I would like to join your guild. I’m Fabio79 in the game.

Yea I do just search for The Dire Wolves.

I’m at work so unable to send an invite through chat at the moment

Today I’ll have a couple new openings that I want to fill before next week’s guild war begins.

I’m looking for anyone that is at least level 30 and up.

Once again we have an opening. We’re all pretty active and we like to do guild events that benefits everyone.

The only requirements are to be at least level 30 and be semi-active. (I remove anyone that has been inactive for 3 days)

Still have room for another couple people. We always get to 20k guild seals and we’re getting closer each week to making 40k guild seals.

Still taking new players. Come and run with the pack.

We have a couple new openings over the next couple days. Feel free to join up or message me if interested.

After another great week of coming in 1st place in the guild wars we are looking for a few active players to replace a few inactives.

There will be several spots open over the next few days.

Either message me or just do a search for “The Dire Wolves” and join up.

We have a couple openings again in The Dire Wolves.

Looking for active players that like to do guild events or at least participate in them a little.

Feel free to join in as our membership is open or send me a message

Looking for a couple new and active players.

We have been making 40k guild seals the past few weeks.

If you’re interested feel free to apply

After another successful guild war of winning every day it’s time to take out a few inactives. So if you’re looking for an active guild feel free to join

The Dire Wolves

About time for another guild war to start and we’ll have a few openings over the next couple of days.

Another war is coming to an end and we’ve won every battle this week.

We have also reached 40k guild seals by Saturday morning which is the fastest we’ve reached it thus far.

We’ll have a few opening again today and tomorrow. So if you’re looking for an active guild. Now’s your chance.

We have a couple openings today. Come and join us before reset Monday morning to get all the rewards for task completions.

We just completed a new personal best for the guild by by completing Rewards Stage 8 in the guild event.