Active, friendly guild recruiting. - The Elders

Edit: We are full.

The Elders are currently looking for two new members. We are an active, friendly, relaxed guild. We are high level players, but will allow lower level players to join us. We often collaborate in the in game chat with discussion of strategies for weekly events. We complete normal weekly tasks (and some epics), and get always get 40k seals. If you’re new to the game and not in a active guild already, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the rewards you’ll get after joining a guild (keys, shards, gems, etc.).

If you’ve been in a hyper-competitive guild and need to scale back a bit for your mental and physical health, we just may be the right kind of guild for you. Moving to a middle-tier (Rank 278), relaxed guild may be exactly what you need to enjoy the game again rather than just grinding till you burnout.

Our requirements are 60k gold and 600 seals per week with no specific trophy requirement (very easy!). We also do require that you help with weekly guild events (invasion, raid, etc…). You don’t have to grind away if you don’t want to - just chip in some. If there are two events going on (like GW and invasion), and you don’t enjoy one of them, you can just do some on one of them.

If you are a newer player, you don’t need to contribute any gold at first. If you have not leveled your kingdoms to 10 yet, you can focus on that before contributing. If you play even a moderate amount, then 600 seals should be no problem. 60k gold is nothing for mid to higher level players. Most of us voluntarily contribute much, much more gold than that to increase the rewards for all of us while still allowing a few new players who are leveling kingdoms the waiver on the gold requirement.

We have Discord too (optional), but it’s not as active as our in-game chat. We mostly use it to notify each other about pet rescues, and to keep track of tower rooms.

I am interested

We do have one spot open. If you send me your invite code (in settings) I’ll invite you.

My invite code is BETTIE_ZVWM

It says here that you posted this an hour ago, but I just got notified on my phone right now. Sorry about that. I’ll send an invitation right now.

Your invite code looks familiar. Have you joined our guild before?

I see that you made a fake account here, because your other one got shut down. I also see that your reddit account got shut down. Yeah, now I remember you.

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You’re fake

What’s up?

I know you asked him, but I was already debating on whether or not to post some info about him here. I think I should, in case someone else is in my situation, wondering about this guy, and if he’d be a good fit for their guild (the answer is NO).

I’ve been in our guild for many years, and aside from this kid we have never had any little sign of drama. At least a year back (maybe going on two), I invited this kid into our guild. He immediately started arguing with everyone in our discord, quickly escalating every argument to personal attacks. We kicked him.

He proceeded to stalk me on Reddit, trying to start arguments and throwing out insults every time I posted. This went on for a LONG time. More than a year later, and he’s still doing it. I’ve learned to ignore him and to report him. I think I had something to do with his previous account here being closed. He was attacking me on this forum and I reported him.

He is banned from all GoW in game chat. He has had multiple profiles here closed, but keeps opening new ones. He has gone by: Bessbrian1970 , Mario12 , Hero197 (probably others too). He also got his Reddit account closed. Searching him up here, I found that he was banned from other guilds. I found posts with him trying to re-join Fiara’s Family, Carnivores, and Tigerclaw. I bet he has been kicked from a lot more though.

He can keep changing accounts here, but his invite code will be the same unless he starts a new GoW account. Watch out for anyone with this invite code: BETTIE_ZVWM


Thanks for this information. He looks quite desperate as well finding a new guild, I saw he spammed about 20 recruit posts in a day. Normal manner is to try one and one until the GM reach out to them, so at least they got a chance to recruit them. But yeah being a huge drama queen on top won’t help them. Thanks again!

What’s up @Hero197? Why is it so hard for you to behave in a proper manner?


If anyone is looking for a great guild, we do still have one spot open.

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