Looking to join a guild Oct 17 2020

I’m new to the game (1 week) and I’m level 60. I need a good guild to join that can help me progress in the game. Anyone looking for 1 member?

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Hi there. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

You may want to edit your post so it is in the “Guild Chat” category, this will help people find you and identify what platform you are playing on. In-game global chat can also be useful if you are looking for a guild too :wink:

Best of luck in your search.


He meant.*
Pick one of these @MarkusIV for a category.

So Guild Recruitment, not chat. :grinning:


Hello Markus,

The Dire Wolves is a new guild taking on new players if you’re still looking for a guild to join.

We’re run by family (myself, my wife and my brother) all playing together when we can.

We play on mobile and if you have any issues finding the guild just let me know.


Thank you, all. I’ll post a new topic under guilds or look at the in-game chat.

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And if you’re moblie/pc player you can always ask me some questions about the game itself on global 774 (or anywhere on forums) - people here are usually friendly and helpful.