The Dead Teddy Bears - Rank 19 (PS4) - GW Bracket 3 - Recruiting -All Tasks + LT

Hello everybody,

Our aim is to reach Top 10 and we are looking for active players to accomplish that objective.

Our minimum requirements are:

  • 600k Gold
  • 400 Trophies
  • 1500 Seals
  • Play GW daily with a minimum weekly score of 30k points
  • Participate in Boss Raid (10k points) and Invasion (100 Towers)

We have all tasks completed on monday.

We are always kind and helpful, using PS Chat and a Community Group to communicate, share teams, talk and have some fun.

We are very supportive when real life happens and we only require that you inform us if there is something going on.

Accomplishing the weekly requirements will make you progress within our ranks.

If you wanna join or want more info about our Guild, contact me thru PM or comment below.

Make the right choice, become a Dead Teddy Bear :grin::grin::grin:


BUMP for a good guy! ← & badass guild name!

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Bump! We have 3 open spots for active players!

Join us!