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The Dead Teddy Bears - PS4 Guild - 20th - dedicated players needed!

Hey everyone,

our aim is to get to the Top10 and we are looking for active players to make that happen. Our requirements are:

  • 400 trophies,
  • 520k gold,
  • 1500 seals,
  • Play Guild Wars daily (min. 30k at the end of the week) and participate in Invasion and Raid Boss events.

We are always kind and helpful, using PS Chat and Community Group to communicate. Many of us do more than minimum requirements. In Guild Wars we are usually in Bracket 2-3. We always have a nice time chatting and working on the guild stuff. :slight_smile:

As a new member you start here at Eagle Knight. If you stick to minimum reqs or do more after first week, you are promoted to Tiger Lord. If you earn our guild’s loyalty and you are overactive then you get to Serpent Prince. Once you get to Faithful Hound it means you will be replaced in near future. :slight_smile:

We have also some additional rules for those who need a temporary break but we can talk about it later. :slight_smile:

If you are interested to join us and focus on our common good just contact with me on PS - my PSN’s jimrevo.


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2 spots open now.

Recruitment is closed. I’ll leave here a note whenever spots are open again. :slight_smile:

5 spots open now.

Hello, ready to join, but i dont sure in 400 trophies in a week :slight_smile: maybe < invite code DENOS4KA_G7SP
475 lvl. All cities 10 lvl. :slight_smile:

Hello! Can you send me also your PS nick? Because of this profile issue nowadays it’s impossible to check it. :slight_smile:

Ofc, my PS nick name is Denos4ka, also i sent invite friend to you :slight_smile:

Hello! I like this title, would like to be with your guild. Lvl 777, 1500 seals - always. All Kingdoms are 10 lv. (Magic full). invite code: PANDASSA_AFMC. My PSN ID - PandaSAA.

Hello! I sent you inv on PS but can’t do it on Gems because you’re still in other guild. Leave it please and let me know when you do. :slight_smile:

3 spots left.

Bump up. :slight_smile:

1 spot open Guys. We can take a player with lower rank (200 up) who doesn’t have all kingdoms completed to support his gold donations but if he gets enough trophies and seals instead and plays all events. :slight_smile:

Up. :slight_smile:

We’re waiting for good people who play daily. Surprise us with your commitment. :slight_smile:

2 spots open.

do you have any open spots? my psn id is bogdanleica

Hey jim,interested if you got a spot. also,how many LTs you do a week? thanks,Gl :slight_smile:

Hey! I should probably have one spot for you in a few hours. :slight_smile: And about leg tasks: 25-30. Leave me pls your PSN, I will write you on PS.

PSN is danyikaa too. Just wanted to leave a note as i’m going on holiday from aug 2-27 (it’s my wedding). i understand if it’s not okay for your guild to go on such a long holiday,in which case we’ll keep in touch :slight_smile:

It’s okey. :slight_smile: I wrote you on PS.