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The artwork for the Silvermaiden really bothers me



I’ve got another one for you people:

The cuffs on Tesla’s jacket are shaped like right triangles. On the hand on the sword, the hypotenuse is facing the hand, while on the opposite hand it faces the elbow.

Once seen cannot be unseen.


A detail that bothers me: Desdaemona’s looong neck.
Maybe the artist just used “too much scarf/cape” i think or her head is just too small… I don’t know, it just seems off…

I don’t like Dark Troll’s tusks coming from his mouth… they should be on each side but not inside…

Haha you guys are too anal. Is this the GOW OCD rearing its head again?

I can’t unsee Silvermaiden’s magical floating horn now.

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:rofl: I’ve been wondering when if and when this topic would arise.

Ah but you can get someone to change it

I’ve been complaining about the hero’s weirdly skinny left wrist for ages. Look how thin that gauntlet gets as it passes behind your right biceps, and then think that the wrist must be narrower still.

Blockquote So, you joined the boards 10 minutes ago just to tell us about an artwork that is irritating you?

Yes, yes I did. Do you have a problem with that? If so, I suggest you keep it to yourself.


That seems more of a personal thing, though. I think it’s fine that the tusks come out of the mouth, at least it looks okay.

wow, amazing! :wink:

Is it really a unicorn? I always thought it’s just a white horse. The horn looks like a metal spike attached to the head gear, the material seems to be the same.

For another bit of weirdness, is Wolf Knight really a Wargare? That looks a lot like an ornamental helmet there, I can’t really picture this going over a Wargare head without some serious magic at work.

If you look at various troops many of them have issues. And the sad part is many of the pieces are very well done and colored very well. Though whoever did the art itself just didn’t take the time to make sure perspective, proportion were all accounted for correctly. Like they were rushing.


Most of depicted women have anatomy problems too, mostly with their spines and breasts. The Devouted is best example of this:

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i see no problems here. none at all …


This is unnecessarily hostile. I dont believe @Eika was being antagonistic with his comment.


Looks fine to me :hugs:

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Oh yeah, I would hug her too, but that doesn’t change the fact that my back hurts when I look at the picture :wink:

As does hers, all the time, given the strains being placed on her muscles.