The artwork for the Silvermaiden really bothers me

I took a screenshot of the Silvermaiden, because the artwork has a glaring flaw in it, in my opinion. Does anyone else agree that the artwork could use a tweak?


So, you joined the boards 10 minutes ago just to tell us about an artwork that is irritating you?

I had never noticed that before, and now I won’t be able to unsee it, thanks :sob:


The wings of Ketras should be more annoying for the OP?

They don’t look too bad? The only thing I can see is that they’re slightly off center. With The Silvermaiden it seems like the horn is entirely disconnected from the unicorn.

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I just wish Ketras didnt have wings in first place. Its too much.

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And how is the mane coming through the helmet? You’d need a full-length slit. Or is it all supposed to be blowing forward from behind the helmet? In which case, shouldn’t the horn be visible down to the base?

Maybe she’s just riding a horse and there is a slightly smaller unicorn standing behind that we can’t see…


I am surprised that nobody is commenting about her armor chest plate - which is what I thought was going to be the issue… horns…


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Yup, exactly. It feels like it was changed between the two ideas part way.

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Bonnie Rose’s weird hand is the one that bugs me the most. I’ll probably never think twice about Silvermaiden’s mount, but every time I see Bonnie…


I agree, I wonder how the artist went on with that arm.

I hadn’t noticed that either… STOP IT!!!

Having said that, the more I look at Bonnie’s hand the less weird it looks… Though it feels like it looks better when she’s flipped horizontally (and looking to the left)? Maybe I’m just seeing things…


It’s like there is a child reaching through her left sleeve with it’s right arm. Or that she had a right hand attached to her left wrist or something…


Also some strange with the dragonettes front leg…

That one looks fine to me. It’s not resting on the skull, but that’s OK.

Seeing the full art is a must.

I’m with @Stan on this one, it seems fine to me. It looks a bit like it’s drumming it’s claws on the skull.

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Is there anywhere to see it? With quest troops, you can look at the quest on Ashtender, but I was wondering about this the other day. When Sirrian revealed a few months ago that Gorgotha has hands, my mind was blown!

If there was an archive of troop art somewhere, I’d love to be able to look at the full files.

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Zooming in it looks like it is attached to its throat, no shoulders.

Most of the troops comes up in google pictures when typing the troops name and Gems of War.