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Gems of War Colouring Book

Like it says on the tin! Nimhain has created a colouring book for Gems of War. You can download it from our blog post as a free PDF and print it at home. We personally love colouring books, and hope you enjoy bringing to life some of your favourite troops.

I would like to note that this was worked on outside of office hours as a passion project for the team here at Gems of War. After seeing the finished product and getting enjoyment out of it we wanted to share it with you. We would love to see any creations that arise from this, so please feel free to post them below.


Very cool!
No Elspeth though. :pleading_face:

that’s really cool. Also an opportunity for color pallete swap.

cosmetic microsactions confirmed! /s


This is great. Thanks for sharing.

This is the old Unicorn art that was removed from the game because of the floating horn.


It says Book 1. Will there be more books?

Can we later on also create our own books by selecting our favourites?