The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - 2nd Round: 3 vs 16


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits
  • We are using base rarities and the maximum level of any Troop is of it’s base rarity (Legendary = 19, Epic = 18, Ultra Rare = 17, Rare = 16, Common = 15)

#SECOND ROUND: Machiknight vs. Shimrra

User: @Machiknight


Troops & Position:
Deep Borer
Rock Worm

Team Bonus:

King of Stone: All Troops gain 6 Life and 4 Armor for having 4 unique Khaziel Troops


User: @Shimrra


Troops & Position:
Jarl Firemantle
Drake Rider
Archon Statue

Team Bonus:


  • Machiknight

  • Shimrra

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POLL ENDS: Monday, May 16th at 12:00pm Central

4 VS 15
5 VS 11
7 VS 8

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OK, lets see… There’s a Gorgotha, and everyone thinks that’s automatically OP, so I have to play hardball now.

First thing’s first: Gorgotha. I have four damaging abilities. My team is mostly unhindered by the Gorgotha. Stop thinking it is.

Secondly, I have changed my lineup slightly so that Terraxis is 2nd and Archon is 4th. This is, of course, due to Rock Worm. Terraxis (being a priority target) is now relatively safe from Rock Worm, and Archon (who is not) gets hit first instead - and being Archon, will start doing bonus damage that much sooner.

What else…

I don’t take Blue (still) but I can use it for Terraxis. Meanwhile Machiknight’s team doesn’t use Purple or Green, has no way of getting rid of them, and wastes the potential of Gorgotha’s explosions by soaking up mana it can’t use.

Mana-wise, I have +2 Red, +1 Brown - Machiknight has +2 Blue, +1 Red, +1 Brown. We have gem spawners on both sides - but Deep Borer and Rock Worm both summon Brown, which my team can use just as well as the other team. Whereas my spawners (Jarl, Terraxis and Drake Rider) make Red+Yellow, Brown, and Red respectively, which gives me an advantage on Red. Additionally, I can remove Blue with Terraxis, which hurts the +2 Blue for Deep Borer.

Furthermore, similar to the last round, I have way more damage given I have four nukes to one. Rock Worm, if it gets mana, is more likely to charge Gorgotha only than recharge itself.

I would also kill the Rock Worm first. What then?

Oh, and Emperina is completely blocked off from mana, that isn’t happening.

LASTLY… if you are considering the following:

Then the Rock Worm is only doing 10 damage per hit (7 + 3 from Stone Spirit). Its not doing 20~ damage per hit like we have in end-game.

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I will say that Machiknight’s team is quite durable though. Between the 4x Kingdom bonus, Deep Borer’s armor gain, and Emperina (if she can ever cast). And, fine, Gorgotha’s Granite Skin, which my team still doesn’t care about.

Way to stay objective there commish :wink:

Considering I didn’t say anything, no problem :thumbsup:

Those rules were laid down before the teams were made. … I think. Possibly.

I do hate playing that card but its freaking Gorgotha and everyone is fixated on it.


My teams tactics against my guild mate:

Get everybody filled up as fast as possible

Ignore worm and deep borer and use ONLY when I need brown mana

Pop emperina as often as possible, fueling her up with brown from deep borer, buff the heck out of gorgothas attack, and CRUSH the enemy team with his powerful attack.

Can’t write up more as I’m at a baby shower :slight_smile:

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You’re replying to fantasy forum RP while at a baby shower? That’s hardcore.


It’s not MY baby shower :wink: I’m just here to watch over the children.

Even so :stuck_out_tongue:


We can make more!


My vote goes to @Shimrra (I’m out of the game, I can speak freely now), mainly because of Jarl and his mana generators.

Jarl’s third trait, Burning on 4+ gem matches, gives Shim a large advantage over everyone but Gorgotha. And considering how much his team enjoys chaining, Machiknight’s entire team minus Gorgotha could end in quite the pickle. Meaning Machiknight would have to sacrifice Emperina’s healing to restore troops which aren’t the primary guard.

Jarl, Terraxis and Drake Rider have chaining capabilities, on top of direct damage. (Removing Deep Borer’s blues, and Gorgotha’s yellows.)
While Deep Borer and Rock Worm rely solely on lucky browns. And Gorgotha’s won’t be going off at all, considering how much it’d destroy the board and possibly setup the opponent for another burn.

Machiknight’s primary strategy is shoot off Deep Borer for minor damage, shoot off Rock Worm if there’s enough browns already on the board (which is being fought for and easily denied), and recovering Gorgotha with a backseat Emperina, hoping skulls drop once in a while.

Machi’s only form of direct damage powers Archon, and further slows down Emperina.

Gorgotha’s got nothing on four spell damagers is my point, pure luck of the drop is the only chance Gorgotha has of success in this match-up.

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kindof a tuff call it go either way I think based on board/little luck

Except Gorgotha is Fireproof. Otherwise though, yeah…


I back Terraxis.

I did make mention of that here:

That other comment was to point out how ineffective Gorgotha would be versus direct damage, but I fixed it to cover my bases.

‘Touche’ is not 10 characters apparently.

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Bump for votes! We had twice as many last round, where is everyone…