The 1st GoW Forum Fantasy Series: The Draft (and apparently Discussion as well)

Rounds: (we are using base rarities)

  • 1 will be Legendary
  • 2 will be Epic
  • 3 will be Ultra Rare
  • 4 will be Rare/Common
  • 5 will be banners (with a different draft order than for Troops)


  • For each round, when a Troop has been chosen, they cannot be chosen again
  • All Troops will be assumed to have all 3 Traits
  • Troops/Banners from Drifting Sands/Blighted Lands will not be used, but ALL Troops/Banners from the other 20 Kingdoms will be available. A full list can be found in the Wiki (link).

Draft Order:
This is the order for Rounds 1 AND 3. The order is reversed for Rounds 2 & 4:

This is the order for Round 5 (Banners):

After your pick, please tag the next user using the @ function.

Draft Results (finalized):

yonizaf - Sheggra / Anoited One / Knight Coronet / Siren / Proud Banner
Shiratori - Gorgotha / Terraxis / Watcher* / Soothsayer* / Dwarven Banner
actreal - Bone Dragon / Green Slime / Goblin Rocket / Skeleton / Old Gods’ Banner
PowerPlay - Goblin King / Alastair / Herdmaster / Templar / Undead Banner
Royalty - Celestasia / Mercy / Sacred Guardian / Valkyrie / Holy Banner
Grimmorith - Kerberos / Dimetraxia / Chimera / Cockatrice / Sword’s Edge Banner
Zelfore - Abhorath / Aziris / Giant Spider* / Star Gazer* / Woodland Banner
Studs - Keeper of Souls / Sunweaver / Druid / Wight / Giants’ Banner

Trade: Shiratori’s 2nd in 3rd & 7th in 4th for Zelfore’s 7th in 3rd & 2nd in 4th


Round 1: Legendary, up first is @yonizaf

I’m supposed to post my pick here? Ok then, Sheggra, I choose you!

8th pick on Round 1?! I’m doomed…

Also, @actreal clearly bribed Talia!

Also, I think whoever picks should tag the next person to pick. So @yonizaf should’ve said, “@Shiratori, you’re up!” Hopefully that will keep things moving a little faster.

I second @Studs.

Perhaps a silly question…

Since you can ascend troops now can they all not be considered Legendary? Just curious how that is being handled as far as the picks go?

I’m under the impression we’re going by base rarity.

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Okay was not sure since using traits.

But you get pick 1 of Round 2!

I agree, tag the next user after you make your pick everyone!

@Grimmorith & @PowerPlay I should have been more clear, we are going by base rarity.



You are up!

@Studs, choosing last doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, you have the first choice in the second round (epic), that could immediately give you a nice combo :wink:

Sheggra picked first, didn’t expect her/him to go that early.

Yeah, I’d agree with @Royalty here. There are so many really good Lengendaries that you could pick last in the round and still have a great addition. In fact, I would say picking last is an advantage here since the real strength of the deck will be found in the Epics and Rares/Commons that you would have first crack at. I know a lot of the choices I could make here would be made infinitely better with an early shot at both the Epics and Rares. (Heck I’d even trade slots with @Studs but I don’t think that would be allowed.)

So since I feel my second choice won’t likely be there by the time things come back to me, I’m left with choosing something that would work on their own as well still give an edge for the rest of the team. That really reduces the choices down to 3. I’ll share more thoughts later on who I really would have wanted to run with if I were picking later. For now though, I think this one will be the best all around.


@actreal, you’re on the clock

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I’m not saying I’ve lost outright, but clearly getting first pick on the Legendary is a great starting point. Especially when you get to pick Gorgotha cough cough

One more idea: Might be good to keep a running tab of who’s picked what as you select so it’s easy for folks to see what they’re working with/against. Definitely will become more valuable in later rounds, e.g., if someone wants to make a pick to disrupt someone else’s emerging strategy. So something like:

yonizaf: Sheggra
Shiratori: Gorgotha

@actreal, you’re up!

Then actreal would add his name and tag the next person.


I have one at the bottom of the OP

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Totally missed that. That works. Though more work for you :wink:


Bone Dragon, I choose you!

@Powerplay, you’re up.

(I’m playing this as my pony.)

The unicorn stallion looks through the legendary cards that have not yet been taken, and comes back a few minutes later with the Goblin King card clutched in his muzzle.

“Your move, @Royalty.”

I know my pick. Should I message in case not around after other calls?

A couple of my favorites already gone. @PowerPlay did you check my avatar before choosing? :wink:

Still a couple good left though. So here is my pick:

With our 1st pick, Royal Fire is proud to select, from Whitehelm, Celestasia

@Grimmorith, you’re next!

I call Kerberos! @Zelfore you are next!