Text errors for Slayer Class

  1. The second trait for Slayer needs the word ‘an’ added to its description.

  2. This is really hard to read in accent. It would be much easier if it started, “Some o’ us…” I know that seems odd, but try reading each version aloud in a Scottish accent, and I think it’s clear.

You managed to baffle Tacet with the word, “fusillade,” which was rather entertaining. :smile:


I seemed to recall inconsistent use of ‘ken’ (vs ‘know’), as well, although I’m not sure if that’s normal and it was good to see it at least once :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I was reading out loud, to get the timing in case I later do a voice-over track, so didn’t notice ken/know, but was totally caught out by the sentence I mention. The flow just didn’t quite work, when reading aloud. :slight_smile:

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