Tesla is missing from troops


So today we on ps4 noticed that Tesla is now missing and shock to pus is in missing troops. What’s going on here? Anyone else noticing this?

Ok I see I’m not alone.


ALL platforms are missing Tesla, it seems. She’s in teams you make with her but otherwise…


not that i care, i never use her anyways.


I use her a little, but if they took her I wouldn’t miss her, but I want the resources back, and keys since I used keys to get her and would have got something else.


I know for a fact a couple of my copies were from vip chests.


I still got her in my inventory on xbox


Same here , I’m actually using her more often however I couldn’t find her today and i thought its just me ( its seems not ) , I’m very confused now , if that’s the case i want my keys back which i wasted to get her or at least compensation if devs removed her without letting us know that something like will take place


Tesla is still missing on PC and Mobile.

Glad Console players kept their Tesla’s.



Not everyone, im the only one yet to still have it on xbox, there is probably more but everyone i asked and all my guildmate missing her


Missing her too, on PC. Seems guildies are missing her too


Some people saying they don’t see her in inventory but they had a team with her and they see her there and can also use her

Edit: nevermind don’t try the team if you got her, someone said the game crashed and now she is gone


Look like i am the last Highlander :slight_smile:


I think as with every other error, they will fix this one too, no hurries and definitely no big deal.


But now i feel so special :stuck_out_tongue:


If Infernus was missing, I might not play today.


The problem is that for every error they fix, new ones appear. This game is a mess. And even more if you play in French version.


Lol imagine when chinese version go out :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the feeling they will fix it for everyone then i will be the only one missing it lol

Good thing i took screenshot just in case :slight_smile:


We’re currently hunting for where Tesla might be hiding, unfortunately she was Adanan Hide-and-Seek Champion for three years running, so we’re still working on it! We’ll let you guys know when we have more info :wink:


Tesla is back !

Please redirect further Tesla concerns to Known Issues if you still have a problem