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[Tech Issue] Two bugs regarding daily gold

Platform, device version and operating system:
One player is on iOS 13.something, with an iPhone 7. I don’t recall offhand what platform @Nullings uses.

Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I get 45 gold every day from Divinion Fields and Darkstone: 20 from the kingdom and 25 from quests. Nullings gets only 40 gold daily from these two kingdoms: 20 from the kingdom, but only 20 from quests. It goes without saying that I expected both of us to get the same amount.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens every time I look at the kingdoms in the menu. I presume Nullings has a similar experience.

Steps to make it happen again
Man, I have no idea.



Platform, device version and operating system:
Same as above.

Screenshot or image:
Same as above.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
According to the game, I get 25980 gold every day from all kingdoms. If you total up all kingdoms, though, I only get 24130 gold. Include the 1010 gold I get from factions, and I am only getting 25140 gold daily. This is 840 gold less than the game claims I am getting.

Nullings, on the other hand, gets 28930 gold every day in the above screenshots. He gets 26920 gold from kingdoms, and 1170 gold from factions. Again, that is 840 gold less than the game suggests he gets daily.

When I collect tribute within seconds of it appearing on the map, I get 1075 gold. If I were able to do this exactly every hour, I would collect 24 times that amount: 25800. That is neither 24130 gold nor 25980 gold. So I’m a mite confused about where these numbers come from.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Look at all available in-game sources of gold, and compare against in-game claimed totals.

The information in this post came from this thread:


I use Android 8.1.0 on Lenovo TB-8704X. Screenshots were taken right on this device.


Went through all my kingdoms summing up income:

26930 (kingdoms) + 1110 (factions) = 28040.

Gold per Day from all Kingdoms claims 28880, so I seem to be getting the same mysterious 840 from unknown sources.

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Oh, I just noticed that Gems of War tells me I get 1082 gold per hour (under my gold total on the main screen). This is a lie, of course, because I only get 1075 gold per hour—I have confirmed this repeatedly.

However, 1082 times 24 is almost exactly 25980, which means the game uses the (incorrect?) total when announcing how much gold I should expect whenever I collect tribute.

Minor pedantry point. 25980 divided by 24 is 1082.5, which means either my hourly gold total does not use standard rounding rules, or my daily gold total is not displayed correctly in the kingdom menu.

Since 840 ÷ 24 (hours) = 35 (divides evenly), I’m thinking perhaps it’s 34 (+1 initial? Or maybe factions. Idk) hourly rounding display errors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (since you’ve confirmed that the lower number is in fact the correct one).

This would be contradicted by Kingdom Power levels giving bonus gold per day, rather than per hour – amongst other things – but :man_shrugging:.

I brought up an old low level dummy account I used to use to test score calcs, hasn’t been used in months if not more than a year. Logged on and collected income.

My displayed gold per hour is 24, and collecting income (max one day’s worth) netted me 580 gold (24x24 = 574, close enough for rounding for this to be “correct”). The breakdown when it flashed on screen was 535 home kingdom, 45 other kingdoms.

However, I have exactly two kingdoms unlocked - Broken Spire and Zhul’Kari. Both at level 1.

And its at this point I realized I can’t even check Kingdom Info on Zhul’Kari, because I don’t have quests complete there. But Broken Spire says it is giving me 35 gold (20 base, 15 quests), so Zhul’Kari must be worth 45. I went ahead and completed my last two quests (neither gave daily gold) to be sure, yep, 45 (20 base, 25 quests).

At the bottom of my kingdom screen on either kingdom is marked “Gold per day from all kingdoms: 580”. So I’m getting 500 more gold than the sum of my kingdoms, and I’m actually getting this gold. However, I believe this is intentional and has always been like this since way back when even it cost gold to initiate battles (500 gold per day was about 10 battles worth if you didn’t earn any gold from those battles, so it was absolutely necessary at that time.) But it also means that there is, right out of the gate, at the very start of a new account the game, a discrepancy in displayed amounts of daily income calculation, because this +500 is attributed to your home kingdom when tributes flash up and at the bottom of the “gold per day from all kingdoms” at the bottom of every kingdom screen, but not to any one kingdom.

So, thats 500 of it. I went ahead and did some digging after that. There are 34 kingdoms, so I figured there could be something at a specific star level or kingdom level (which my test account did not have any of) that has been handing out a tiny amount of gold for completing a goal. So I fired up another alt, this one at “early midgame” - kingdom powers at 32 4 stars, 1 5 stars, and 1 zero stars, with every kingdom giving 245 gold/day except broken spire (235), khaziel (255), and bright forest (hidden, but it should be 20 since no quests completed but the kingdom is unlocked), and +60 gold per day from renown, adding the 500 you always get without kingdoms would bring us to 8665. My “Gold per day from all kingdoms” is displayed as 8965, leaving exactly 300 gold unaccounted for.

So what else is 340 divisible by? Well, we have exactly 17 released factions, and 17 is a factor of 340. In checking this account, sure enough, I have two locked factions. If each unlocked faction gives 20 gold the same as unlocked kingdoms, and I have 15 unlocked, and nearly everybody would have 17 unlocked, that explains why I have +300 and you guys have +320.

So I decided to test by unlocking Werewoods:



So there we have it. 500 daily gold is given to everybody and not displayed on any individual kingdom screen, and 20 daily gold is given for every unlocked faction (same as every kingdom) and also not displayed anywhere. Simplest fix to these would be to add the 500 daily gold display to your home kingdom’s income (this is where it is stated to be “from” when you collect tributes anyways and it flashes on screen briefly) and the 20 faction gold to their connected kingdom or somewhere on the faction screen.

As to why hourly income would be stated to be 1082 but be given as 1075, I believe I have a possible answer for that one as well. It is very likely that the display for the map screen calculates “gold per hour” (“gold per day from all kingdoms” / 24), then rounds or truncates. But when you go to collect income, it is possible that the server instead performs an entirely new calculation by looking at the daily gold for each kingdom/source, dividing it by the appropriate value, and rounding (or possibly even truncating) after each operation before adding the values together and giving you this amount. Either one of these calculations could be reconciled as technically correct, but since the resultant values are in conflict and used to describe the same thing, that makes them both incorrect. One or the other needs to be fixed.

FYI, the quest gold value for both Divinion Fields and Darkstone should be +25, as five of the quest lines give 5 daily gold (6 of them unlock challenges, and 1 unlocks the troop and completes the kingdom, and there are 12 quest dialogue options in each). They are +25 for every account I have them completed on. You can have less if you didn’t complete the kingdoms quests, but you can’t even see this screen anymore unless you have completed the kingdoms quests so… yeah, that one is a mystery to me. It is more than likely account specific and would need special attention to repair.


  • +500 gold per day is given on every account, but not attributed to any kingdom (fix by adding it to be displayed as part of kingdom income on home kingdom)
  • +20 gold per day is given for each unlocked faction, but not attributed to any kingdom (fix by adding it to be displayed as part of kingdom income on connected kingdom OR somewhere on the faction screen)
  • “gold per hour” likely uses a different calculation with different rounding steps when displayed on the map versus when it is actually handed out (fix by using the same calculation for both)
  • Divinion Fields and Darkstone are supposed to give +25 gold from quests (might need a support ticket to resolve that one)

Forget Harry Potter. Mithran, you’re a wizard. That is some very impressive sleuthing.


Wow Mithran. That was impressing

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Yeah, that was a quest by itself with digging all those figures. Now I wonder why the devs could not clarify it in time. Not a serious question?..

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to write up such a detailed explanation for everyone @Mithran!

The gold per hour on the map vs, the gold per day shown in the Kingdom Info menus are calculated separately but they used to match. It definitely seems like a rounding thing.

@Grundulum or @Nullings can one of you please write a support ticket and just link to this thread for me? I can see where the difference in your Gold per day is in your Kingdom data but I can ask a programmer to check what the data field is looking at for that information.

This WILL take some time to check as this is most probably calculating and giving the gold correctly and it is an extremely time consuming task to double check in the code.

@Nullings This thread was posted on Monday afternoon here and I don’t reply to bug reports on Mondays unless it’s a weekly reset related bug or related to a live event.

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@Nullings, do you mind filling out the support ticket? That gives you a chance to ask for help with Darkstone and Divinion Fields, in addition to giving the information Kafka is asking for.

Like this one [Bug] Wrong gold from quests for Divinion Fields and Darkstone ? Submitted.

I think Kafka meant for one of us to use this form:


I would guess that this falls under “technical issues”, but possibly “missing game content”.

Sorry yes, I meant a ticket here:

I should have given the direct link the first time. If you already used Grundulum’s link that’s fine too.

Platform, device version and operating system:
Lenovo TB-8704X, Android 8.1.0

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected that gold from quests would be +25.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
For me - always. I made screenshots 2 days ago, and first time I paid attention to these figures was in December '19.

Steps to make it happen again
Open general kingdom screen, then click “Kingdom Info” in the lower left corner.

Submitted it to zendesk right now (86990).

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Still +20 gold for quests. Not that I complain about lack of gold. Let’s calculate how much gold I missed: I made quests in these 2 kingdoms in, say, 1 December '17. 2 full years and 76 days, it will be 806 days, and daily -10 gold results in -8060 gold total I did not get in tribute. Almost nothing for an end-gamer. But I’d like to know why it happened - why these 2 particular kingdoms were bugged?

Update: got a reply from support. A poor one. Hope their next attempts will be better.

@Kafka could you please check status of my request 86990?

Hey Nullings, I’ll be looking into this more tomorrow, regarding your ticket, because you didn’t link this bug report thread and a support agent who doesn’t handle the bug reports picked it up he didn’t have the context for your ticket. It’s been escalated to my ticket queue so it won’t be handled by the wrong person again.

Sorry about that!

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Hmm… There is no separate field for link(s) in the form. Should I just add the link to this thread in “Description”?

Looking forward at fixing.