Team Naming Contest! Fabulous prizes!


Hello my fellow Krystaran’s!

In the wake of the fun left by my post:

I have decided to start a little contest! I asked @Nimhain if the devs would be interested in funding a prize for the contest of a single arcane stone to match me giving away one from my own stock. Not only did they agree but they even doubled it! The winner of this fun little contest will now win 3 Arcane Stones of their choice (all the same stone).

Now to the contest. It goes like this: I come up with a team, and you all list your names for said team, the top 3 team names that gets the most likes, go up for a vote at the end of the week, whichever gets the most votes wins!

Some guidelines:
Keep it classy folks, plenty of underage people read these forums
Please restrict it to a single name per person
It should be able to fit the ingame character limit
Can you find a theme with the team and make the name fit?
I’ll give it a like if you put the team together and post up a victory screen

The contest starts after this post goes live around 830 PST
It moves to the voting stage Friday night and voting ends Sunday night (all PST)

Here is the team:

Nobend Brothers

Have fun adventurers! I look forward to your team names and to your victory screens if you can get em!

Support Group for People Going Through GoW Withdrawal
Team Naming Contest WINNER ANNOUNCED!
Team Name Contest Finals! Cast your vote!

Asylum Misanthropes


Can we list multiple names? Also does the name have to fit into the character limit for names ingame?


Please restrict it to a single name per post, and yes it should be able to fit ingame.


Random Riot


So multiple entries are fine as long as they are in multiple posts then?

Also for reference, the character limit in-game is 21 characters.


Edit: There are going to be alot of these edits.


The problem I see with this is no one is going to favorite anyone else’s name due to a prize being associated with it. Anyone who up-votes a name essentially down-votes their own. Maybe do 1 name per person and stop it at 20 entries and have a mass vote at once. Trying to restrict it to 3 total for a final vote may not work that well.


Removed to conform with new rule


If that does end up happening, then ill pick based on the three I like most, to move into the voting round. I already see some great ones.


Box of Chocolates


I only see 3 so far.




Yea, I’ll see how it goes, might have to do something like this. The limitation for this however is having the time frame of 20 names.


edit to conform to new rules.


oooohhh I get it! Took me a moment. Good thinking!


Ok rule change: I think I will have to limit it to a single entry per person, otherwise I can see it getting overloaded, if you put in more than one name, pick your favorite and edit the rest!


Edit: Hunting madness.


Dont forget to get your victory screens using this team! I give likes for them :wink:


I would… but I don’t have Orion :frowning:

EDIT: Unless I can sub Behemoth in for Orion? :stuck_out_tongue: