[Weekly Event] Sharing PVP Team

Starting a thread where people can share their weekly team based on the Events, ideally for PVP.
This week event =
+25% skill for Monster
+25% skill for Drifting Sand creatures
+500 bonus gold for using the Rock Spirit in PVP

My PvP team:

Crimson Bat gets a nice boost from this week’s Monster Bonus. For most battles, basically 2 fires will sweep the floor.


Not too fast, not too slow but it’s fun team for sure.

This is my team for this week -

Golem - Mythic / 20th / full traited (this week’s bonus)
Rock Worm - Mythic / 20th / full traited (this week’s bonus)
Acolyte - Mythic / 20th / full traited
Rock Spirit - Legendary / 19th / 1st trait (this week’s bonus)

Get Acolyte to feed Golem who removes just about everyone’s Armour
Get Rock worm prepped
Feed Rock Spirit and smash through as many troops possible.
Rock Worm comes and eats up yum.
Repeat Rock Spirit if possible.


I tried adding two Acolytes and removing the Rock Worm - not enough Purple gems

I tried adding 1 Acolyte and 1 Dark Troll but again too slow for getting Brown.

Is there any way I can get more brown???

But boy the Golem/Rock Spirit is starting to show as a strong 1 2 punch team.

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Apothecary from Khaziel can transform a selected mana color into Brown + Cleanse all negative effect.

Why not Lion Banner instead of Giants’? Gives you the +1 Yellow as well, and you only lose Green which isn’t used anyways.

Looking forward to trying the team out in a little bit though!

Oh snap! Nice catch! Thanx!

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I realize that Rock Spirit works quite well with Khaziel troops, and Khaziel is all about making cold hard gold. But does anyone have a decent soul generating team using Rock Spirit?

His colours averlap a bit with The Dragon Soul, and I found variations of TDS + RS+ Giant Spider or other purple generator to feel clunky.

I’ve been working on that - Trying to find a workable combo for getting him to work to farm souls and everything so far is as you said ‘feel clunky’.

EK, valk, crimson bat, rock spirit
EK, EK, valk, rock spirit

is good too for me so far. mainly to avoid being devoured by mega maw this week. the mana drain helps drain valk’s mana in the all too abundant EK, valk, justice, mab defend setup.

I’ve got my beast team up in defender

Sacred Lion


My Defender Team

Dire Wolf
Spirit Fox


All of these have potentials to summon more Beasts

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Kerberos/Giant Spider/Wulfgarok/Forest Guardian

I created something very similar (Jackelope instead of Wulf), but after a fight against an Orbweaver team I decided to switch her for the Hero to give maximum snot chance. So my final setup is:
Forest Guardian
Giant Spider
Orbweaver with Order and Chaos

Hero must be fully traited of course. I chose the weapon to use the last Mana colour and still benefit from class Magic bonus (Red/Green), no much other though in it.

im not underestanding the OP, is this thread for invade or defense teams?

I created it as a defence team, the stones is the main concern here. But I also like my defence to be at least a bit challenging.

Ya really folks- are these defense teams because honestly nobody will win against them that is for sure.

The goal here is to help each other out by creating defense teams that people can beat to get the little gems.