Swamp Thing

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Real dinosaurs DO have feathers!

New Troop: Marsh Raptor

The marshes of the Mist of Scales are a dangerous place at the best of times; fortunately there’s not much reason to travel through them, unless you like large hungry serpents, poisonous gas, OR large hungry serpents that BREATHE poisonous gas… Until now that is.

Recent reports indicate sightings of Marsh Raptors, large flightless lizard-birds long thought extinct, and much prized for their beautiful plumage.

Groups of merchants and hunters have been setting forth in ships from the ports of Adana, looking to land on the Mist of Scales’ coast, and return with Raptor feathers, but few have returned. Now’s your chance for glory! Get your own Marsh Raptor this week!

PVP IconPVP Rewards Reminder With the PVP reset comes payouts in Souls for your efforts on the battlefield against other players. Remember, you'll have until the next event to climb as high as you can and earn yourself some souls. Here's what you can earn at each rank:
  • * Rank 1: 300 Souls, 2000 Gold, 100 Glory, 10 Glory Keys
  • * Rank 2: 150 Souls, 1500 Gold, 50 Glory, 5 Glory Keys
  • * Rank 3: 80 Souls, 1000 Gold, 40 Glory
  • * Rank 4: 60 Souls, 900 Gold, 30 Glory
  • * Rank 5: 50 Souls, 800 Gold, 20 Glory
  • * Rank 6: 40 Souls, 700 Gold, 10 Glory
  • * Rank 7: 35 Souls, 600 Gold, 5 Glory
  • * Rank 8: 30 Souls, 500 Gold
  • * Rank 9: 25 Souls, 400 Gold
  • * Rank 10: 20 Souls, 300 Gold
  • * Rank 11: 16 Souls, 200 Gold
  • * Rank 12: 12 Souls, 100 Gold
  • * Rank 13: 8 Souls, 50 Gold
  • * Rank 14: 4 Souls, 10 Gold
  • * Rank 15: 1 Gold

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Ooh, an ultra-rare!

water link seems odd for a troop that neither uses nor creates blue gems.


I was hoping that was an old image.

The idea was that he works well with other Mist of Scales troops (lots of whom are blue) and Venoxia, who creates blue

Looking forward to seeing it in the Arena! :slight_smile:
Love the art too.

But Lamia and Raven gain from being with blue troops, which he is not. I guess I think nature link feels more natural (no pun intended). And with the addition of Marsh Raptor there are 3 green troops in MoS, same number as use blue, and he would help Venoxia directly.

Wait, it’s a he? then why does its text say ‘Clever Girl’? (I know the reference, but still…)


It must be that frog DNA… :smirk:


I am also under the impression that water link just doesn’t fit here.

Yes, I definitely won’t be traiting this until I have a plan

Yes, I’m more interested in the art than the actual stats as well.
Is that a new artist?

Too bad it’s Ultra Rare… I’d need like… what? 41 cards to raise it to Mythic?
Yea… that’s not gonna happen

:newspaper: Heading outback to the Jurassic Marsh for this Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

What’s mean, keen, and follows a dangerous routine? If you thought copyright lawyers, you’d be correct! But also wrong. This weeks clever pet is the Marsh Raptor!

This prehistoric Monster is built for hunting it’s prey, which is why it’ll always target the weakest member of the opposing pack. It it manages to successfully take down it’s meal, it’ll boost it’s Attack and Magic. Sharpening it’s claws and perfecting it’s serpentine maneuver!

As a creature from the Mist of Scales, it makes sense to benefit it’s ecosystem by providing an aquatic connection to it’s other swamp members, as well as forming bonds with other monstrous troops like the great Hydra! The most highly adapted raptors even leave a Venomous bite for prey that manage to avoid capture.

:reads script further: :bookmark_tabs: "We're doing this again?" "..." "Well alright."
We’re revisiting the Arcane Light Stone again this week! Best time to power those little beasties like the Owlbear, Warhound & Pegasus. The ever fragile Hippogryph also says “Hello”.

:newspaper: What are you doing in my swamp? It’s already the end of the Weekly Feedback Report! :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

##[Match you next time!]


Ultra Rare. Interesting…Wondering is it cost 400 glory that saved in Event pack.

If epic costs 400, and legendary costs 500, i bet ultra will cost 300. The real question is will the pack contain one arcane traitstone, or two?

Very nice, we needed a dino like creature. :slightly_smiling:

I would assume two. The 300 glory weapons did. Even if they do 1, yellow green already occurred as an arcane drop.

The Marsh Raptor is now available on the WIKI:

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Looks pretty cool. Another viable Yellow/Green Ultra-Rare! I can see myself hesitating between him and the Blade Dancer. =)

By the way, is the delay between the time an event troop is released and the time it becomes available in chests (and, in this case, in the Arena) still about three months? The Gob Rock has yet to show up in drafts, and I’m not sure when he will. As an Arena player, I’d love to see these new troops join it faster, although I understand it might make the events less successful if they did.

I’m thinking about an Exploit Weakness team:
Night Terror
Mist Stalker
Marsh Raptor
Hero with Lion’s Claw

Did a search, and those all target weakest enemy. There are three other weapons that do that, but no other troops (unless search is lying to me).