Surrender during enemy turn

I just had a pvp battle vs a truffle team. I had only one troop left (egg thief) and since it was submerged the enemy truffles just kept looping for 2 min before their turn ended and I could leave the battle.
That’s really annoying and unnecessary and I have no idea why they took away the option to leave the battle during the enemy turn.


Psst. They’re trying to get players to quit.

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Yeah I just don’t understand why we cannot quit the fight when we want…

It’s a (known) bug.

Force close the game (not a fix, but a workaround for the poor design choice.)

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The story as I understand it is there’s another bug where there is a small window after the opponent wins that you can still retreat, and if you do so the game crashes. The devs don’t want to/can’t figure out how to fix that bug, so the “solution” is to disable your ability to retreat unless it’s your turn. I don’t like that explanation one bit. I’d be a lot happier with “don’t do that” re: the crash, I mean you were losing the dang match anyway right?

Stay tuned for the next update, where lethal damage has to be removed or else the game crashes on Tuesdays in November.

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Very interesting :thinking: