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[KNOWN ISSUE - Fixed in 5.5] Pvp battle stuck on enemy turn

Mobile- Andriod, Note 9 and Game Version: 5.4.0r26705:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Playing pvp, I had a few turns, enemy turn began, I saw the barrier flashing unusually quick (even for 4x speed) and a doomskull in the bottom left quarter of the board was also showing some ‘glowing’ which wasn’t expected. Ai didn’t/couldn’t take its turn, I couldn’t do anything except retreat. Usually the enemy would take its turn and if it didn’t wipe out the whole team then my turn would begin.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening? Never happened before

Steps to make it happen again
Here’s my team code:


And this is the enemy I was fighting:


Look at that barrier go. Congrats, you broke the game.

PvP defense also froze on me a couple of times today. Endless loop, perhaps?
In Windows 10 PC Steam version.

One of my guild mates had the same happening to him.
Looks like an android issue since he to was on his mobile android device when it happened.

Did any of those battles had Essence of Evil and had a troop transformed?
That is what we have noticed.

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So basically don’t use Essence of Evil (or any troops that can cause Lycanthropy) in PVP until the devs force the update for ALL Gems of War players.

Sounds about right.

(In @Hawx video at least, she cast Essence on the first troop. But I don’t see StockenWolf™ on the troop. In her bug report she mentions she’s on 5.4
Shaman isn’t immune to Lycanthropy (I don’t think) so I assume her opponent was still on 5.3.5 so here we are.)

Update: issue isn’t resolved by everyone updating, but definitely caused by 5.4 and Lycanthropy.


Ooh, players being in different versions!!!
That is a good guess!


happens to me during my turn in explore. i was unable to move any gem with mouse or controller, but in the same time i was in position to cast any of my troops.
After i casted greed flashing of all effects slow down significantly, Luthor appear to inform me on lycantropy, and i regain ability to interact with gems.

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We are investigating this issue now, thank you for letting us know.


The same thing for me as well with a team
Common factor with OP - Essence of Evil on player’s side.


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Also common factor. StockenWolf™ (what I’m calling the image Lycanthropy is supposed to show) is missing from the troop that you cast on the opponent.

This issue can be resolved by your team just forcing the update out for all players and refreshing the pvp pool so that players can’t face opponents who haven’t played prior to the forced update.

If I turn out to be correct… Feel free to send out 50 Gems to each GoW player for saving everyone time and as penance for no one having the foresight to see this being an issue between versions of the game prior to Hawks bug report. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just had a similar PvP battle hang – unable to move gems on the board even though a 4-match was available, was only able to end the battle by retreating – with an Essence of Evil on the opponent’s side.

(PC/Steam, didn’t grab a screenshot)

i hope that you fix this problem as soon as because next week there will be guild war.

Updated this to a known issue. Our team are investigating at this point in time. Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

Same, just had to retreat from PvP battle. Enemy team had cast EoE and cursed one of my troops with Lycanthropy. I couldn’t move any gems on board. Playing on iOS.

Ask the devs to look at the interaction between Deathmark and Lycantrophy, specifically what happens when both trigger at the same time.

Just happened to me too, game stuck on enemy turn and I had to retreat. I’ve played this opponent multiple times today in PvP and this is the first time it happened. Was using essence of evil and am playing on Android

Still no indication of Lycanthropy on the opponent.

I’m not sure if there is or not. There’s some odd icon in the middle of the troop, but it’s not the correct lycanthropy image. I did take a short screen recording, not sure if it helps but it’s here

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