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[KNOWN ISSUE - Fixed in 5.5] Pvp battle stuck on enemy turn

I had the impression they already enforced it about a week ago, at that point the API no longer accepted older client versions.

The game rules are based on your client version. It’s you playing the game on your machine, your client doesn’t know anything about the client the opponent was using, it treats both parties the same.

The real problem here seems to be Lycantropy in combination with Deathmark. If you look at your screenshot, the game still thinks it’s the AI turn, the marker at the top is on the right side. As much as I understand it Lycantrophy and Deathmark both triggered and are just getting processed, except that one handler is no longer able to find the troop the other handler just removed, so the game gets stuck. We’ve had somewhat similar issues in the past, e.g. with Arachnean Weaver triggering the third trait while getting sacrificed on your turn.

Edit: Oops, meant the screenshot Whiskeyjack posted a bit further up.

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I can’t recall the exact situation. But there’s been previous issues in regards to Guild Wars where folks hadn’t updated yet. So I get what you’re saying and can’t explain why this is happening. But it seems not a coincidence that it’s only happening in pvp.

Are you sure it’s only happening in PvP? I seem to recall people complaining about losing sigils over it.

Every mention of it here has been soley about it in pvp.

I cannot speak to what every single player in the game is supposedly saying.

@Whiskeyjack if they are they still in your battle log. Can you see when they last played please?

Keep in mind everyone that every device isn’t forced to update at the same time. (Just like we don’t all update at the same time, as far as I know. Hell, on my chromebook, I’ve had an account forced to update days before another one was forced to as strange as it sounds.)

@Hawx and @Whiskeyjack you both have had Luther pop up and had the Lycanthropy tutorial on the live server correct? (Apologies if you already said as much already.)

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Hey buddy, yup I’ve had the crappy Luther lycanthropy tutorial.

The person I experienced the bug with has played recently:

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Valid point, I also haven’t been able to find any screenshots from outside PvP.

To anybody encountering this issue somewhere else, e.g. this weekend during the faction event while using Essence of Evil, please add to the data collection by posting about it.

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Yeah, I had the Luther tutorial on the live servers too

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Do a training battle against them if you can please and see if you can replicate the bug if you don’t mind. (I’m going to assume that they’ve updated to 5.4 just for the sake of going against my own theory.)

I’ve played them a couple of times in PvP since and can’t replicate it. If it is related to death mark and lycanthropy then I believe it’s a 1% chance per turn them to both proc in order for the bug to happen (0.1 X 0.1). I’ll keep recording my battles against them in case it does happen again

@Hawx and @Whiskeyjack

Since you both are on Android. You aren’t forced to download all assets.
So again for devil’s advocate sake.

Please confirm that you have no additional assets to download please.

I downloaded all assets straight after the update, always do as I hate it loading them piecemeal

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Has the Lycanthropy image appeared against them every time since the recording?

@awryan Found it, further up in the thread:

Explore mode, AI Dragonette applied random debuffs on the hero. Apparently the game got stuck on player side while trying to resolve the effects. Not entirely sure if it’s the same situation, it sounds like Demwer somehow got back control in this case.

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Gotcha. I think I read that previously as well and dismissed as a separate tutorial issue.

It’s also why I asked Hawk and Whiskey if they had the tutorial before the bug.

You’re welcome to think differently and see it as related. But I think it’ll just confuse/compound the matter if we feel its related to this bug. 🤷

Which is why I’m troubleshooting this asking my peers questions instead of… someone who gets paid to do so.

This will make me sound dumb but I’m honestly not sure. I can’t see the werewolf. Is the leaf falling animation related to lycanthropy?

Haven’t saw it myself enough to know for sure.
If you don’t see StockenWolf™ aka “the wolf” then I’d say no.

Does anyone here know Patje well enough to reach out to them directly and ask if they have updated yet?

I’d start a thread asking, but I can’t mention SoA without a lock coming on the thread so it best not be me. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’d need some video of the debuffs just prior to the game getting stuck. My guess would be that the debuff is around and disappears, due to getting processed.


the quality is poor courtesy of size limits… I do have a higher quality video on my phone. I’ll dump it into google drive and share once available. Uploading vids to google drive is painfully slow.

I do not see any leaves.