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[KNOWN ISSUE - Fixed in 5.5] Pvp battle stuck on enemy turn

Was the game stuck? And what mode is this?

That’s the inverse case, player getting hit, it might resolve slightly differently. Lycantrophy and Deathmark active, right?

Game was not stuck. This was arena I think.

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Ah, okay, the interesting part would be what happens when it gets stuck, does the Lycantrophy indicator disappear?

No deathmark. Sorry, misread. I thought a video was wanted just to see the debuff moving. I can try to trigger a specific combo of debuffs later tonight or tomorrow and take a video of it.

I’m still on a quest to see in pvp a player having the game lock them out and have StockenWolf™ on their screen at the same time. 🤷

I wonder if fighting your own defense team would trigger this bug. If so, could set your defense to have Essence of Evil.

Whiskey already tried to replicate it. It doesn’t happen every time.

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I don’t think you need your opponent to have Essence of Evil, a guild mate seems to have gotten stuck while fighting the classic L&D team.

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Has been the only constant so far.
(When the player has already watched the Lycanthropy tutorial previously.)

However, just because the StockenWolf image doesn’t appear. Doesn’t mean that that the game will lock you out…hold on though.

You’ve faced Patje since the video (the bug isn’t related to class or defense) but it is related to casting on the hero it seems based on me looking at your video and Hawks. (Didn’t look at everyone’s on the thread yet.)

So have you cast on Patjes hero every time it HASN’T locked on you?

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Not every time, no, but I did try it a few times in training battles. It’s a really fkn annoying team to play if trying to replicate casting EoE on the hero because it’s the thief class so I have to kill all the other starting troops before I can EoE the hero

Edit: by the way, I have seen lycanthropy proc a fair few times when I’ve been using that team. I don’t use it a lot, only against certain defence teams

That’s also a good point, we’ve had hero transformations go wrong in the past, like level 0 Baby Dragons from Dragon’s Eye. Has anybody yet seen the hero getting transformed by Lycantrophy? Maybe that’s all it takes?



Just uploading to YT now, gimme 5 mins

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Tested in casual PvP, and this seems to be the case: it eventually gets stuck on Hero, unless it is cleansed or deathmark triggers.
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Has their been another expression that hasn’t aged more badly? Lol

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Stuck as in the game gets stuck?

Stuck in enemy turn: I can still click on stuff and retreat.
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Your own defense or others?

Happens both against my defense and others’.
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