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Is Lycanthropy the dumbest idea ever?

almost 100% correct there, thing is, Hexed transform and (any other unfriendly transform) reduces affected troop lvl by half… Lycanthropy does not do that… :frowning:

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Then it’s bugged. Because it’s not working the way transforms are supposed to work then according to @Nimhain.

P.S. I didn’t think to look at the level of Queen Aurora in the Arena match. But it makes sense to hear that’s level 15 instead of 8 or 7 considering the overall stats it has.

Give it a once turn activation delay since it (or any other status effect application refreshing the timer) was applied, like Deathmark, clarify if it is supposed to be 10% or 15%, and actually make in function consistently with previously existing forced enemy transform mechanics (halve their level and disable any traits rather than giving them a new fully traited troop).

I will contend that because of how central Essence of Evil is as a “punch up tool” compared to literally every other thing in the game that could inflict lycanthropy, including any upcoming troops that are probably the full extent the mechanic will be used that it does, at least currently, make the game worse by simply existing, especially in its current state. A properly working and balanced Lycanthropy might not be that bad, but unless this somehow slips into the meta and/or allows fun interactions (given that forced transforms of other types already exist, the former seems unlikely and the latter is subjective but is a hard pass from me). Removing it from the list of “all negative statuses” as it relates to stuff that can be inflicted by random negative status/all negative statuses makes it less bad by just existing, but would put it into a place where it is a random one off gimmick that nobody will care or think about outside of the faction. Which I suppose is actually probably the best outcome we can hope for.

And also, called it.


I was curious so I put this into days.


That’s almost an entire year! Not trying to make any statements on whether that’s good or bad, just found it interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: if someone can PM me and tell me how to get these GIFs to play automatically (without needing to download the Tenor keyboard), I will edit this post and thank you publicly for the advice.


Oh and it currently breaks the game for at least mobile players if you cast Lycanthropy on certain hero classes (depending on traits/talents.)

You know to add to the unwantedness.

5.4… You are the 2020 of patches.

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Yeah, I’m not using EoE anymore for now. Too bad, it was part of my pvp team.

It was bad enough that I fully upgraded it when I knew too little about the game… It’s bad enough that it now can potentially transform an enemy troop into a beast… But the bug made it unusable for me.

There are so many players here with a lot of play time under their belt, why do the devs not make use of them/us?

Another game I play did, and they’re doing better than ever.

There is still a big community of people who would love to give advise and test for bugs for free.

As for giving us something with each update… How about extra slots for medal sets? Double the amount of mythics in the forge so we actually have a chance to forge something we want…

It’s nothing new in that sense but two things players would really enjoy to get.

And happy players are more likely to open their wallets to pay for stuff.

So many things that could have been done rather than adding a half cooked new ability that breaks a weapon that many players like, and the game itself…

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They used to several years ago, it’s still considered the golden age of the game everybody involved remembers fondly. Then the key person on their side left, communication broke down and the game has been on a slow death spiral ever since.


Haven’t been there for that, sadly. Too bad. It really helps both sides.

Other game had a similar problem, but then they got a new community manager and it turned again. So there’s still hope, I guess?

I’m not sure a new community manager would help, it rather looks like the game is intentionally being bled dry. Take ticket support, the backlog has been steadily growing the past year, it can now take up to several months for your ticket to get processed. Feels like the whole crew jumped ship and only left the cook and the cabin boy behind, with the autopilot locked full speed into an unknown destination.

There’s a new faction released tomorrow. The community has been trying for weeks to make the devs aware that the faction weapon is incorrectly assigned to an entirely different kingdom. There’s still 12 hours left to correct it, maybe someone will remember how to pick up a phone.


Pretty sure there have been changes “behind the scenes” in the other game as just a new community manager and style of communication overall won’t change how a game is handled.

It sure helped, though, to have someone advocating for players and their ideas.

I used Essence of Evil for my new faction delve run all the way up to 500. Suffice it to say, I encountered Lycanthrophy triggering a LOT. It was more annoying than anything. I run a Stonehammer and Zuul’Goth team, so it wasn’t a problem killing the transformed troop, but it was definitely annoying that all the negative effects were effectively nullified.

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I think this would go a long way actually.

Patch/update notes don’t include everything. I don’t mean the generic “fixed assorted minor bugs” type statement every game makes and is fine. But, big things people would love. For example, when an update allowed power orbs to potentially drop from a major chaos orb, there was no mention of it at all in the patch notes. That’s a weird thing to exclude because the community would go nuts with excitement about that. Don’t want a forum with only negative posts? Don’t hide the good stuff!

There’s currently confusion in the community because no one knows if the faction weapon was intentionally set to the “wrong” kingdom. I think that’s an error. But the devs are silent about it. When it was first brought up weeks ago Salty said the faction release date was moved which… ok, that wasn’t relevant so ??? Now it’s released and still no word. Yes, I’m aware they don’t work weekends, but they had weeks, they could’ve released it and stated “Hey community! So sorry, we’re aware this is the wrong kingdom but will be fixing that shortly!” Or “Hey community! From now on, faction weapons do not have to be tied to their faction kingdoms.”

Does the above fix the bugs, change the game, etc? Nope. Does it make players happier and encourage a better community? Yep.


As a programmer myself, I’m in the weird group of people that would actually only love a line-by-line break down of any changes, however minor (I play two other free titles, AAA quality, and they easily detail everything). I absolutely loathe that this game’s notes are so brief when there are clearly other changes.


God I hate Lycanthropy. It is NOT A NEGATIVE EFFECT. It completely breaks Essence of Evil. I just LOST a Guild Wars match because an enemy troop that I had used Essence of Evil on transformed into a completely new troop, cleansed of everything, ready to go. The enemy had two troops left, and I used EoE on the first one, which meant all those colors were frozen, it was entangled of course, etc. But it transformed into a new troop and all those effects went away. Enemy hero, which was behind it, cast and created a bunch of skulls, which WOULD have done nothing because of the entangled troop, but because of Lycanthropy, the enemy’s troop had been fully healed, fully cleansed, doing 75+ Attack damage on skull hits instead of 0.

How is that a NEGATIVE effect?


Consensus is yes then?

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I’m a bit torn, wisdom teeth feel like a strong contender. :thinking:


See. Now you make me look argumentative.
I believe we evolved wisdom teeth out of use.
I could be wrong though.

Where as Lycanthropy. Has zero use. Other than to drive up PQ3’s early access numbers.

And with that. I finally see its intended use.

Stay woke ladies and gents.


Oh, for sure! Communication is definitely needed in this game. That has never been the issue of the other game. They have several ways they use to communicate with players like actually good ingame news where they list the key points and link to a forum post for in-depth descriptions for example.

There’s a pop up when opening the game that shows one key element. At the moment it’s season missions. It might also be a campaign going, update notes of the upcoming (!) update being posted etc.

Only for a time that has been a bit one-sided. Now you can really notice that the devs actually talk about and try to implement player ideas if possible.

Must be lucrative as well because we’re getting a lot of new stuff all the time, new campaigns, weapons, characters, season missions but alps fixes and good changes to game mechanics that weren’t optimal. They wouldn’t do so much for the game if it wouldn’t pay off.

So it’s a win-win situation.

What other game?