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Support is down [fixed]

The Gems of War support software hosts are experiencing a global server outage. We’ve been in contact with them and will keep you updated but you will currently be unable to submit a ticket. We can’t access our software to respond to tickets either, so there will be some delays getting back to you.

Based on their previous resolutions, this should be fixed within a few hours, but there is not specific timeframe.


How does it feels to submit a ticket to Support for your own Support? :thinking:


It doesn’t feel - I had to call them because you can’t even submit a ticket to their support for support :wink:


Maybe they’ll send you some compensation souls and gold!


Well, at least you can call this cheeky support without a support for support… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or some mythics? :scream:

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Should be working now! Please let us know if you can’t submit a ticket

That’s the classic “your feedback form” is borken conundrum!

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