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I was just wondering when or if you guys are planning on increasing the VIP level limit? I’m maxed out on level 15 and still purchases items. I kind of feel my purchases aren’t getting rewarded anymore :smiley:

Iirc, the devs used to claim that old purchases would be applied when they extended to 15, so as silly as it sounds, I would keep track of my purchases, maybe even screenshot them.
When/If the devs extend beyond VIP 15, if your level does not increase accordingly then just submit a ticket to the devs with pics, I don’t think they will hesitate to give you what you have paid for.

Also, congrats on VIP 15 and thanks for supporting GoW so much! :wink:

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I’ve made like 20 purchases since I maxed at 15 lol… I never took those screenshots either :frowning: That’s a good idea if ever, but I’m far behind lol.