Summoners' Update - present and future

I didn’t want to revive my old posts about Queen Moonclaw ( [Text issue] Queen Moonclaw summons not all gnolls ) and Watch Mother ( Watch Mother - update to summon Burning Ocularen ), it’s better to remind about all inconsistencies in the game for now and also make a preview of similar issues in future.

Queen Moonclaw still summons only 3 Gnolls of 6 (excluding herself):

  • Gnoll;
  • Bane Jaw;
  • Savage Hunter.

Gnolls untouched by Queen Moonclaw’s spell are:

  • Bullygnoll;
  • The Lord of Slaughter;
  • Wild Fang.

There are 2 problems really:

  1. An unspecified group “Gnoll”;
  2. Hard-coded list of such “Gnolls” in the spell.

Maybe this spell will be renewed when the kingdom updates will get to Wild Plains eventually. Not sure when it will happen though - in a year? In two years?..

A similar case: Cocoon summoning “Spiders”. Possibly it will be fixed soon, with updating Zhul’Kari.

Watch Mother’s spell makes us wait for Burning Ocularen (“summon a random All-Seeing Eye troop”), but really all 3 troops that could be summoned here are hard-coded into the spell. I’d suggest fixing this problem right when the new troop appeared, but only Jar of Eyes and Chalice of Eyes were updated. When Watch Mother can summon all her “children”?..

And looking into future: what similar things can happen?

The most simple:

  • Vanya Soulmourn from Silver Necropolis needs to be able to summon Undead Pegasus;
  • Tink Steamwhistle from Tinker Town - to summon another TT bot;
  • Emperinazara - to summon another Kobold;
  • Fell Dragon Egg - to summon another Fell Roost dragon;
  • Umbral Portal - to summon another Umbral Nexus troop.

More curious cases:

  • Stonesong Eyrie: harpies summon other harpies by some system; the fifth harpy (Harpy Owl, as we know from spoilers) must be “built” in this system somehow;
  • Werewoods: all beasts turn into Beastmaster Torbern, and he turns into one of them; a new beast has to take place in these transformations.

I am pretty curious about Werewoods faction when they will introduce the fifth troop …
Are they gonna change the spell of Torbern or they will develop a troop that doesnt use that transform aspect ?


To recap the 3rd trait on Stonesong troops:

  • Queen Xochi: 35% chance to summon a Harpy Mage per 4+ match
  • Harpy Mage: 25% chance to summon a Bladewing per enemy death
  • Bladewing / Harpy: 5% chance to summon a Harpy per turn
    (stacks up to ~15% for 3 troops with this trait)
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Version 6.9.5: Watch Mother still not fixed - she doesn’t summon Burning Ocularen.


And what about the upcoming Silver Necropolis update? Will Vanya Soulmourn be summoning Negasus?

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yes, i saw negasus summoned for a player

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On the new Stonesong Eyrie unit: it summons a Harpy, but cannot be summoned by older units.

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