Watch Mother - update to summon Burning Ocularen

Please add this new All-Seeing Eye unit to Watch Mother’s spell, so it will be able to appear in the pure faction team.

And probably include it into Jar of Eyes and Chalice of Eyes ?

These weapons should get them…

Burning Ocularen is already there, you can summon it with either weapon. I tested it on Friday.


Of course, Watch Mother doesn’t summon “an All-Seeing Eye troop” but specifically “either an Ocularen or Ocularen Leech” – clearly to prevent it from summoning Xerodar or itself (like how Emperinazara, Fell Dragon Eggs, etc. can summon copies of themselves).

So yeah, it would be a buff if it can now summon a Burning Ocularen. (Note that on Switch the new troop is not released yet)