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Suggestions for Guild-Update 2.1

PvP is the flavour of the week yet again and is taking our attention away from an important area of change coming soon.

In particular, Guild Updates :slight_smile:

This post serves four main functions:

  1. As a gathering point for the views of Guild-Masters and Guild members to give their ideas on what they feel would be useful for them to have included or not included in Update 2.1.
  2. As an ideas feeder for Mr Snake and his potentially very useful Guild Management Tool.
  3. As an area for informing problems with the current Guild Set-Up. For example, out of date data and the never ending reset problems. Example:
    Changeover Errors?
  4. As an opportunity for the Devs to enlighten us on their plans for 2.1 (and 2.2?)


Whatever improvements are suggested, perhaps some of them can be aimed at some of my pet hates mentioned below.

Pet Hates:

Guild-members selfishly jumping ship after they have been fed and watered for weeks.

Guild-Members selfishly partaking of our hospitality and contributing zip.

Players being poached. It’s not too bad and every cloud has a silver lining – Gobby ones can go with my blessings. Egotistical ones who are a legend in their own mind can also go. Moaning-Minnies can also take the lemons they keep sucking, and their sarcastic, negative comments. They can go and suck-off elsewhere. :rage:

Experienced Drive-Bys who hand in their CV/Biodata as they pass our Guild and I cannot take them board quick enough because of the mangled data given to us by the ‘puter that doesn’t reset properly.

Whatever improvements or changes are made in 2.1, it would be nice to have up-to-date, accurate, data with no reset problems. :slight_smile:

Edit: Added Guild Tool Link - Good start Mr Snake :grin:
Edit: Apologies Mr Snake


I’m guessing you meant @MrSnake not Mr.Strange :wink: (who’s one of the console devs)

On topic, I’d like to see more variety in guild tasks, and possibly a way to blacklist certain guild tasks that the guild doesn’t feel worth contributing resources to.


One I ran into today: the ability to ban a player from a guild. I like to keep my guild’s door open but if I kick you, that doesn’t mean rejoin 3 times before taking the hint.

Edited to add: currently clicking the kick button where it’s on top of the card pops up both the “Really kick?” prompt and their details. As has been mentioned in other threads, the kick button is on top of the class icon. Solve both problems: just move it next to the Promote & Demote buttons.


Thanks @Ozball :slight_smile:

Fixed. (Cough) enter witty comment here while I dig a big hole. :flushed:


I’ve had that too @AnalSwordfish :angry:
Had some kicked and rejoin then kicked again. At least we gave them a chance!
But, you are right. Some people still think they are at school and are allowed 10 warnings!

I gave this person a few hours to say something in chat about why they wanted to stay/what they’d do differently but nothing came so… GTFO. :stuck_out_tongue:

i literally just posted this before i saw this thread


So we really know what it is planned for next patch?
We just know that it will be about Guild but it can mean a lot of things: guild tasks, guild management, guild war (please no), etc.

As a guildmaster, I want the ability to give rewards to my members.
Also, a fidelity bonus: each members have X gold/soul/glory by day after being Y days in the same guild.

Overall, I want more transparency from the devs: they just change everything in the game without asking to anyone… I just imagine that one day they will add a guild war feature and I really hope players will be more concerned before the release of the patch… It can be something similar to the current PVP system and I am not sure that a lot of players will be pleased with that.

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thx @Bludax^^

i think i can release a more reliable version of my GuildManager in the next days.
i added some new features for example the GuildSettings. there u can set up minimum values for gold and trophies each member has to reach per week - this minimum will also be shown in the line charts. so on one quick look you see wheter a member has reached the minimum or not…

today i change the system how the numbers are calculated and saved to work around the problems that would occour if you only enter the weekly amounts for each member.

stay tuned :wink:

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Guild tithing feature, for auto donations than can be altered by any percentage by guild master.

Task targeting So that everyone knows what task to prioritise.

Cheaper guild tasks so that those who do not make much can still have an impact on rewards.

Some sort of guild quest that the whole guild can complete for a reward. lasts one week

Perk drinks, perks that can be bought temporarily using guild tokens. Works for a whole week.

New task type that rewards arcane or better trait stones.

Guild sort option so i can sort members by specific criteria.

Traitstone crafting/uncrafting section that costs gems. I think everyone knows why.

Guild recruit pass through, if i invite someone then they get the invite in the mail and do not need to leave their current guild to join the other one as that would be handled automatically.

Better task rewards for price.

Guild armour, A type of armour that gives bonuses based on how good the guild is. After 100% gold bonus in daily login rewards the armour should kick in bonuses to battles. Leaving the guild removes it from that players inventory.

Guild weapon, A weapon specific to the guild based on certain aspects of the guild. The weapon’s colors and cost would be determined by guildmates home kingdoms and number of guild mates. The effect would be the same for all guilds except damage/buff/debuff.

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Putting aside all those huge and shiny ideas. Could we finally get some simple quality-of-life things implemented? Like … take care of the basics, before adding more new things that also won’t work properly? For example:

  • time-stamps in the guild chat,

  • filters for activity log, to be able to see specific events (i.e. only contributions or activity of specific player in the guild),

  • ability to PM people in-game (I mean we have the MAILBOX already, right?), sometimes it’s not so simple to give people pointers in the open guild chat, a discreet pm would go a long way,

  • properly resetting weekly stats (I’m no programmer, but I’m guessing it’s somehow connected to local time -seeing how desync’d they are-, rather than main server time at the moment, why not just make it reset at the same time as event-swap for everyone?),

  • change the “last battle” timer, which many people mistake for “last online”, to actually “last ONLINE”, or if the last battle is so important, add the other one next to it,

  • make guild permissions toggle’able for the leader (i.e. turn the static table into bunch of check-boxes so that the leader can give or take away various permissions from specific ranks, even though this one is a really minor QoL change,

  • I’m also a huge fan on the idea mentioned earlier, to allow guild leaders to freeze/lock specific guild tasks, and I don’t mean remove them from the list, but allow them to be locked, so that no one can contribute to them. Putting aside people who find reading too difficult (ah those soul task contributions), sometimes people just missclick, and then gold goes to waste, and drama happens, and so on…

and for the love of all that’s holy, please, FIX, THE, CHAT. Messages randomly getting eaten is not only confusing but simply annoying. I’ve recently seen the same global chat conversation from PoV of 3 different people, and it was a fun puzzle to piece together.


Guild chat drops so many messages it’s basically useless. I don’t know if that’s a mobile only thing, or desktop as well. On mobile, force closing the game and re opening is the only way to get messages to show up.

Happens on Steam as well, sometimes whole lines are missing, sometimes you just see the name of a player without any text.

Lately, I’ve noticed that often this will completely wipe the chat - whatever was there is now gone. I don’t often force close the app, so I’m not sure if it happens every time, but it’s aggravating anyway. I’m on iOS. Anybody else notice this?

Lots of great ideas for improvements. Thank you all so much. :slight_smile:

Couple of suggestions to throw in the pot.

  1. Weekly reset to be done for all time-zones at the same time. Rather than staggering the updates. Not sure of the complications: Perhaps players being online playing while the reset is done. Or, too many demands being made on the servers if a single reset is done.

  2. Some form of weekly stats page for the Guild-master or all members showing;

Total Rewards Gained by the Guild during the past week. For example, something not being shown at present is the total number of Gems, Keys, Souls, Maps etc. I won’t make a long list but you know what I mean. This would be useful for marketing the Guild when seeking new recruits perhaps. Thanks @Cell for the PM.

I do like the idea of a ‘Guild Loyalty Bonus’ based on length of time in a Guild. Those that get bumped, or jump ship, would lose that bonus even if we let them back in. Thanks for that @turintuor.

It would really be nice to get some idea of what the Devs are planning for us. :sweat:


Actually the reason the guild update is split in 2 parts is because they are probably going to implement at least 40 guild update suggestions, 20 on each part.

Another idea: the guild announcement should be visible on every screen, or at least the home screen. Some people don’t like to chat, and that’s fine, but it’s annoying to see contributions wasted on maps or to answer the same question over and over.

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I just remind this topic with an interesting tax system suggested by @Emos few months ago: a part of gold income of every member is directly given to the guild tasks.
@Sirrian did a divine intervention (here) to involve guild ranks (the ones with the Promotion system that are currently useless :sake: ).

And another point: it’s currently horrible to contribute. I just began to give 500k golds in one time and:

  1. you have to click several times to do one task, why?
  2. it takes some times when the task is complete… 10-20s but it seems so loooong.
    I am sure that this point was already discussed but I don’t remember where :stuck_out_tongue: .

Once again, I hope that we will have some news about the patch 2.1 contents before any previews: guilds are too much important to do something wrong…


Did @sirrian basically nonchalantly confirm this this as something he planned to add?

We have a private lounge here for players. Could guild-masters, if they request it, also have the benefit of a private lounge for their Guild members. Guild Chat is useful for communicating with members but lacks the benefits of having our own lounge.