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Suggestions for Guild-Update 2.1

He just gave an idea so I don’t know…
I didn’t see any other message from @Sirrian on this topic.

You can just start a private message with everyone from your guild in it.

Thanks @Studs

Umm. If I set up this message system I see two problems:

  1. How to stop messages from goblins.
  2. It seems to want an email address to invite. People normally want to keep this private.

I could be missing something here. It just seems easier to have a dedicated guild-lounge,

Edit: Bad wording.

I think he meant to use the message board’s private messages here. So no email addresses would be needed.

Some guilds just use facebook with real or bogus accounts.

Appreciate the suggested ‘work-arounds’. Each of which has its own faults. :slight_smile:

Far simpler to have a dedicated guild lounge. In here. Where we normally congregate. One-stop shop as it were.

It just feels wierd to me to have to jump through hoops to help our members.

I don’t understand what prevents a grouped private message from meeting your needs.


It’s literally the exact same thing as what you’re looking for with the upside that it works with the existing functionality (as opposed to requiring the devs to do forum work rather than game work).

It’s quite simple: Send a message to everyone in your guild with every name in that one message. You then have a single, private, dedicated thread for your guild. If you want multiple threads, send multiple messages.

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Thanks everyone.


Can I agree more? The forum is so full of dev fanboys so they can have bugs like that around for 2 years straight without even a blush. :frowning: (and other stupid stuff like adding points for game loss, inability to calculate simple numbers and put them in the correct cells, etc.)

Clean up at least the most blatant bugs before anything else. And take some time to restructure the program to lean more on the server side. That fits the evident inability to roll out client bugfixes.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned or not… did a brief skim over the article, but a chat clear option would be just beautiful.

I’m not sure we’re reading the same forum. There are points of criticism and bug reports sent continuously. In fact, reading the forums, I’d almost get the impression that nobody is enjoying the game at all.


Of course we’re reading the same forums. You, me, the devs too – yet the issues stay around for months or years. Including ones that involve 1-2 lines of code and should not have gotten to the deploy phase at all.

Also, yeas, several people enjoy that state for good, just look back the history when sirrian replied to some of my post with “despite what you say we DO test” it gets over a dozen likes. Sure, maybe we just use different terms, for my team testing means something like to launch the actual program, do some clicks, watch what happen – the most essential use cases for the freshly developed feature just can not go unnoticed with an issue like battle log and its summary provides different numbers. Or a sign mismatch on applying the game results. I’m wide aware how many entry points are there for mr. Murphy, with just the most basic procedure a simple thing like this game should have like 2 orders of magnitude less blatant issues. let alone kept around.

I was referring to the unwarranted “dev fanboys” statement above. There are definitely some more willing to cut the dev team slack than others, yes. The forum is hardly overrun with such individuals.

I am also an engineer, but not qualified to pass judgment on the complexity of the Gems of War code base as I am not privy to it. I agree that sometimes it seems to take them longer to fix an issue than I would like, but I also don’t believe they are holding back fixes due to arrogance, hubis, incompetence, or sloth. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that front.


Would love to see the guild tasks of Souls & maps go the way of the DoDo bird.
Isn’t that what Valkyrie & Tyri are for. :confused:


Perhaps tasks that scaled/varied with Guild level
The souls and maps might be far more useful at lower levels than once you get deeper into the game. At higher level 2 maps are not a valuable reward

For the love of, EVERYTHING Can we have 5 functions added?

Tithing - People don’t donate as freely as they’d like, even if they intend to. Have a function where players can select a % of gold earned per match to be donated to the guild. (You don’t miss what you don’t see)
Donation box - instead of guild members donating to specific tasks, have the donations throttled into a Gold chest to spend on tasks. (this eliminates people contributing to the incorrect tasks if not desired)
Chat clear- Simple option… Clear the guild chat.
Weekly member prize(s) - The ability to give a prize to your guild members for doing the best of which ever you see fit, or combined efforts… Could be something like a few keys, or gems?
Permission customization. - Customization for the permissions would make everyone life easier, Not all guilds want rank 4 to be able to invite, etc.

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Thanks @Teddy :slight_smile:

Many ideas have good and bad points so here’s being Devil’s Advocate:

Tithing - sounds like Taxing and we all know how we feel about that. My opinion is that if a member chooses to donate then they can choose what they buy for their guild-mates. Simple and no need for coding by the Devs.

Donation Box - This is a great idea for charities but as a Guild-Master this would cause me extra work and creates possible, additional, causes of friction within the Guild. A person will still contribute to the wrong task. For example, in my Guild within the last 24 hours, myself and another member both contributed to the wrong (maps) task. We were tired. Mistakes do happen even by the Guild-Master.

Chat clear - It is very important to have communication within the Guild. I need to know why if real-life is forcing a member to not play for 7 days. How do they inform me? It would also be nice to have a Guild notice-board so that permanent items may be seen by new members easily. So that we don’t have to repeat everything to all new members only through chat.

Prizes - Nice idea which I can go for, except, how do the Devs prevent abuse of this. Perhaps only Guilds that reach particular ranks can do this? There are prizes we already have such as promoting members. Could this be linked to an automatic one-off reward? If so, perhaps more tiers and ‘badges’ may be considered! It annoys me greatly visiting the Global Chat and there are people there begging for Free Codes as soon as a Dev appears. Do this to me in the Guild and you are GONE!

Permissions - This happened in my own Guild recently and has caused a lot of hard work for me to fix. Communication would be the answer. Perhaps an extra layer in the ranks would help; such as Brigadier added. Doesn’t solve the problem but adds another level which can include a particular responsibility.

Just trying to be constructive :slight_smile: