Suggestion for Stryx mythic troop

Infinite Interactive developers are better than me in making new troops for sure, but i have an idea for the mythic stryx troop since there is no one yet.

troop: mythic stryx / daemon.
so it looks like a crow or devil stryx

Deal (amount of damage) to the first 2 enemies boosted by the number of purple gems on the board. create a darkstorm. (*2) boost ratio.
so it creates a storm just like the other stryxs.

Traits: 1- Allied stryx gain 2 life.
2- Immune to all status effects, devour, and mana burn.
3- curse a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches.
crows usually are sign for curse.

Sorry to disappoint you.

The first one on the list

what a disappointing coincidence.