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Subtle Knives has 2 positions open! Apply Within (28/30)

Subtle Knives, an active and fast growing guild is looking for 2 friendly players to join our ranks!

We are currently looking for a player that has all kingdoms at level 10, enjoys playing Guild Wars, has fun and enjoys working as a team to grow the guild.

Subtle Knives requirements:
All Kingdoms level 10
Guild Wars participation required (we are active in every Guild event)
1k Seals
Contribute what you can
Be active and check guild chat when you login.

Subtle Knives is currently ranked 1524 in the league, we are constantly climbing higher in the league rank. We have not lost a day in Guild Wars. We get over 20,000 seals a week, getting closer to 40,000 every week!

We do have Discord where we share team builds and help each other with questions, or just chat with our guild mates, we are a friendly bunch

Come join us, help the guild grow, while we help you achieve your goals! have fun with a great group of people and take over the world!

Please reply with your invite code or questions get me on discord Mikha’el Firebeard#4693 :slight_smile:
–Mikha’le Firebeard, Guildmaster