Subtle Knives Seeks Sharp Players

Don’t stay in a dull guild: join a group of chill, yet high-performing vets!

Who we are:

A semi-casual, stand-alone guild with low reqs:
Guild level: 1,604
League Rank: 306
War Bracket (current/last): 15

What we accomplish:
We reach 40,000 seals and at least a few epic tasks consistently. We typically complete all reward stages of guild events, but will occasionally end at stage 11 if it seems like a gem-sucking event.

We have been hovering around war bracket 14 for the past several months, and expect to stay there. We’re not interested in being in the top 10. :slight_smile:

What we offer:

  • A great team of guild mates to chat and play Gems of War with.
  • Discord with channels devoted to helping with team building, Guild Wars team building help, and any other questions you may have. (Note: most channels are locked to guild-only).
  • Guild members are active in all weekly guild events and share strategies. We treat each other like people, not machines that deposit gold into our coffers.

What we are looking for:

  • 1000 seals, 100 trophies, 300k gold weekly. (Most do a lot more - that’s the minimum).
  • All Kingdom’s at level 10 (or close). Minimum of Level 300.
  • Participation and completion of all Guild Wars battles, and usage of at least the daily sigils in events.
  • Communication - Let us know when life happens. We don’t immediately kick people who have an off week, just have to communicate so we know you haven’t stopped playing/will be back in a few days.

Come join us on our Discord server, and chat with @Allia (Allia#8504) and the rest of our friendly group for more information!