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Subtle Knives needs sharp players! Must love events

Subtle Knives has a spot open for one player that can make the cut!

Who we are:

A semi casual guild that is rising quickly through the ranks:
Guild level: 1,209
League Rank: 306
War Bracket (current/last): 22

What we accomplish:
We reach 40,000 seals and at least a few epic tasks consistently. We complete all reward stages of guild events.

We have had the highest guild wars score in our bracket for every guild war but 3 since the guild was created.

What we offer:

A great team of guild mates to chat and play Gems of War with.

Discord with channels devoted to helping with team building, Guild Wars team building help, and any other questions you may have. (Note: most channels are locked to guild-only).

Guild members are active in all weekly guild events and share strategies.

What we are looking for:

  1. 1000 seals, 100 trophies, 300k gold weekly. (Most do more - that’s the minimum).

  2. All Kingdom’s at level 10 (or close). Minimum of Level 200.

  3. Participation and completion of all Guild Wars battles, and usage of at least the daily sigils in events.

  4. Communication - Let us know when life happens, we don’t kick people when life happens, just have to communicate, our guild members are our #1 resource and we treat each other like people, not machines that deposit gold into our coffers :slightly_smiling_face:

Come join us on our Discord server, https://discord.gg/ED9kE2h and chat with @Allia (Allia#8504) and the rest of our friendly group for more information!

Apprentices, Thieves, and Harbingers wanted:

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We have 1 spot open this week. Contact me on discord if interested: Allia#8504.

Two spots open this week: one is open now, one coming up tomorrow. Come join us on discord!

Updated stats: Guild level 1113, League rank 325, War Bracket 29.

2 spots this week. Guild stats have been updated in the main post. DM #Allia8504 on discord, or come join our server for more info.

Hello, I am looking for a guild my invite code is Cami_7.

I have no doubt I can exceed the requirements! :wink:

Hi Letalis. Add me on discord and let’s chat. #Allia8504

Hello Allia, I just added you
under Cami_79.

One spot this week! Discord: #Allia8504 for more info

Two spots this week! Come join our stabby crew :slight_smile: :dagger:

One spot open as of now. Don’t stay in a dull guild - come hone your skills with us!