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Submerge display bug?

Edit: This was on PC

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
To have all troops dead and gone when I won.

What actually happened was.
I was exploring in Blackhawk. Team was Waverider, Siren, Siren, Green Seer.
I was with Gorgotha, TDS and two Necromancy troops.
I got TDS charged and started casting but he managed to get his Waverider off, on the second Siren who got Submerged. I cast TDS twice (the Siren ducking both times) before he cast that Siren, removing the Submerge status. However, visually the Siren continued ducking next TDS casts. However by the time I killed Green Seer I had won, leaving a visible Siren on 5 health remaining. There was probably a skull match onto that specific siren in between all those TDS casts too.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
See above

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

It might not have anything to do with submerge, I had it happen again, me winning with a Serpent remaining at 3 health (still exploring Blackhawk). No submerge came into play here.

an other bug : Infernal King Submerged, opponent shoot with AOE…
an Infernal king go crazy…
he still on the middle of the board:
this happen when Infernal King is submerged and opponent use an AOE speel:
until the end …see Infernal king behind, hard to play when you don’t see a part of the board

and this happen only to the first troop… here Infernal King and Infernus was submerged… Draakulis shoot and here the result
hope this help to fix

May or may not be down to submerge, but this happened to me after my team got reordered by leviathan


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Just now on PC again, looks like a ghost troop bug.
I did the Dungeon fight against Sheggra. I wasn’t keeping too good a tabs on whether Sheggra was dead or not at any specific point in time but I think my final turn went something like this:

  • Cast Krystenax removing browns, getting a four-match, killing the rest of enemy team but not Sheggra (I might’ve missed a skull drop in the cascade though).
  • Cast TDS with the explosion happening but Sheggra not dying (as I expected). Apparently I got a four or five match as I kept turn.
  • Cast TDS again (yes it filled up) with the same happening as the previous round. And I still kept turn.
  • Take a skull match. Still no visible damage but on formal end of the turn I got the victory screen.

Another occurance of the Ghost troop bug, this time doing an Explore in Urskaya. My team was Gorg/TDS/Acolyte/Aziris, and I had only been casting TDS (he didn’t manage to cast anything)