[Reported] Submerged is kind of goofy, I guess

ef sub bug

Appears that Ironhawk’s third trait + a known submerged team bug = wasted sigil and a confused ghost

That’s your Ironhawk triggering, no? His damage is submerge-able.

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That was my question to a guildmate: Would Ironhawk cause submerged to remain active for the duration of the turn? Still doesn’t seem to be the intended action of submerged though. Submerged should really only block attacks that do damage to all troops - not block a troop or hero attack that takes place in the same turn as an attack that can be blocked by submerged.

Ironhawk’s trait triggers as soon as you click ‘Cast’ - before you pick a target and before you actually cast. Not very intuitive, but that’s what they went with. Submerge avoids all ‘damage to all’ effects, like Ironhawk’s trait. If I remember correctly, submerge only wears off if the submerged unit itself attacks or if you dispel the submerged unit. Some classes have a level 70 called Banishment that will dispel the entire enemy team on 4+matches.

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OP didn’t explain the bug well enough

After you select the cast button (using earth’s fury or any spell that requires selecting an enemy troop), ironhawk’s trait activates immediately, and submerged troops do the dodge animation. You have a 2 secondish window where you can select an enemy as normal

After that 2 second, the troops return to their original positions, they all grey out, you can no longer select any troop, and the game soft locks

Only happens when the whole enemy team is submerged. Pretty funny bug


Sorry for the bad explanation.


I guess the window really is just two seconds. I’d never noticed since I don’t use Ironhawk that much. Regardless, I’ve said everything I think needs be said. If there is or isn’t anything in this topic worth looking into is up to whomever.

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No, softlocks are generally very important to see fixed.

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Issue ignored by mods since at least September 2021:

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