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Stormy Night

If the points requirements are low, that would make up for the medals being so poorly suited to the available troops.

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By my calculations from the PC leaderboards, I’m also getting an average Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards between Tier 0 and Tier 1 which lines up with the data @cyberkiwi has on xbox (apologies if that’s not the correct platform)


Just for confirmation as others said, Hyndla battles don’t always contain a Hyndla

I’ve bug reported it but if there’s a bug report thread on the forum I’ve missed feel free to copy this over there


[REPORTED] Incorrect opponent teams in world events

Apparently it’s a bug with all world events that refresh the battle map. Interesting insight, the server doesn’t seem to mind you playing with any client side team you show up with, no matter how much it differs from the one it expects you to use. Makes me wonder if their cheat detection isn’t just an urban legend.

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The new troop isn’t working as described.
It does not destroy a column if the enemy uses blue, and it does not gain 5 attack if the enemy uses blue

Edit apparently the enemy must survive your true damage in order for the second part of the spell to work.

Lol they must have not tested it once before releasing it


Dev 1: Here’s an idea for an event. Let’s have a medal that buffs skull damage.

Dev 2: Ok - I’m with you.

Dev 1: But let’s not have any troop create skulls.

Dev 2: Oook.

Dev 1: And let’s not let them use any weapon that makes skulls, either.

Dev 2: Well, it is 2020. Sold.


An evil end of an evil year. Everything we love.

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Hyndla is a BOSS, therefore she gives you more points

Some might say that the devs are deliberately assigning more points to a Legendary troop rather than a Mythic to confuse people who are often used to choosing highest rarity first. Thus scoring less if they had not read the info in the forums or had this explained to them.


It’s right there in the campaign, first Gold requirement: “Defeat Hyndla Frostcrown” ;-D


… this looks well-designed and/or thought-out /s




does the score scales up with difficulty? i was too absorbed using my sigils that i forgot about it

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Doesn’t seem like it. They made level irrelevant, likely to counteract the crappiness of the design.


This is what I’ve come to expect from a dev team that does’nt play the game they develop.


I’m starting to question how many players here play the game lol. I completely understand the issue with not having skull creating troops or weapons with medals that boost skull damage. 100% get it, but this event was really easy. So easy you could pretty much pick any team and make it through.

Ice Aegis works wonders with Hyndla. Jotnar will keep your barrier up and works awesome with Titan class. You can use the doomed hammer or even Thorodin if you want. Apparently since the level of the battle isn’t an issue you don’t have to always pick the hardest battle(if i understand that correctly).

I’m failing to see the outrage. I asked a bunch of players who played out their tier 3 sigils and none of them complained about the event being difficult. Sure it was annoying to not have synergy with the medals, but difficulty was not a factor. Seriously, the outrage machine on the forums is way to high. Maybe play all the sigils first before making posts about the medals being a game breaking issue.

adjusts tin foil hat My crazy theory is that this could be why this event is scaled this way along with the lower score requirement (tier 0-1 if what’s listed above is correct). I’m not saying that I’m ok with it always being like this, or that this should be the status quo, but it seems to me like it could have been done for some sort of balance. They only seem to have soo many medal types and occasionally medals will not match up with the restrictions. Personally I’ll take a tier 0-1 completion over anything else.


I’m not too worried about anything they do with world events.

If they made them fun and user friendly it would work for me. As they don’t, and are just copy n paste borefestivals, I don’t enter that area very often in the guild menu…

When they had Wrath/Obsidius that was fun. Think there was one event too with Sir Q, a rock n roller of a troop, that injected fun.

I don’t get worked up with scoring when can choose to skip most of it👍🏻

No fun, no play :cow:


Agreed :smiley:

I understand the complaints though. It looks like a mistake. Why would you give me a medal that doesn’t really do anything for any of the troops or weapons that you’re allowing me to use? :confused: The second part of that, the “you’ll be fine with crappy medals because the event can be completed before the matches get way too hard” is not obvious in the game. There’s no way to know how many tiers you should buy. The average player will not be doing the math of adding up required points, estimating battle payout, factoring in valraven drop rates etc.

If it IS a mistake and if it were to be fixed, you might be spending more time than necessary on these battles. Whenever I come across a “wait, this can’t be right”, I stop playing until I get confirmation that actually yes, it’s right. And even if this IS working as intended, I think the general consensus is “don’t do this, we don’t like it”, which is valid feedback :slight_smile:

Why? Devs set the restrictions, they (should) know the troops available under the restrictions. And devs design the medals, there is no reason why the medals would not match the restrictions unless that’s intentional and if it’s intentional… why??? Just give us medals we can use.


Also medals were advertised originally as being able to do a huge number of cool different things and we have yet to see an event medal do something other than boost skull and/or magic damage afaik :grimacing:


Sure, players do that, but that is still the choice of the player to do. If something gets changed by the devs later in the week so be it, not everyone has the luxury of waiting. So I agree, if players feel there is an issue, they can stop, but I don’t think this was a big enough issue to stop the event, which I proved by actually playing the event without issue lol. Medals with magic increase just make it go by faster that’s all.

The previous issue where people stopped it was a spelling error that changed nothing. Before that you had the first couple of world events where the tier to complete per player was off the charts which ended up being scaled down by weeks end if I remember correctly. I guess my point here is none of these issues are mutually exclusive. You have to take each one and determine how bad they are and if it’s worth waiting it out for a fix. I don’t believe this event requires a fix, but one may come about. If you absolutely can’t play this event without proper medals…well I can’t help you there lol.

Sure, I can agree with that. But I’d be far more miffed if the difficulty was impossible in combination with the medals being off. For example if you had all skull spam troops or weapons but the medals were magic based and the tier to complete was 4/5 with no scaling. In that scenario is a perfect storm of suck. Given the incredible amount of varying restrictions they can put in place (color/troop type/kingdom type/weapon type) you aren’t always going to have events that are super easy and synergize with the medals. The best answer to this problem is…

This^. This is the best solution to the problem and I hope to see different medal types down the line. Having a wider variety of medal boost does require more thought for each world event which I’m not sure the devs are interested in doing. They seem to be choosing the world event scoring system as their main focus but that is a whole separate thing.

In the end though, the world event still haven’t proven difficult and most have required minimal tiers to complete. I had a spreadsheet showing historically how many tiers each event needed to complete and most are in the 1/2 range. This is far cheaper than the old events used to be that always had weapons in the higher tiers to bait players. So I guess my initial point stands. Even when there is an issue, the event itself is still a breeze for most of the vets.

Players are quick to crap all over the world events with varying levels of issues and complaints. Some warranted, some not so much. From it’s introduction, it’s been hated. I’m indifferent to the world events. For me it’s about progression. I want the rewards and I want them as quickly and as easily as I can get them. The old events required a lot more of my time and gems to reach those rewards. World events, while sometimes being too complicated, are usually easy to complete and require minimal gem costs even when they are most restricted. Thanks to an AWESOME community here, we have the required tiers to complete finished on monday morning. It’s just unfortunate we have to do that at all. That is something I wish the devs would take more note of.