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[REPORTED] Incorrect opponent teams in world events

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, Steam

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected to fight the teams shown on the event map of the current “Ancient History” world event. Instead, I often had to fight some other team.

The issue is caused by the refresh mechanism in this event. At some point, the map gets repopulated with new fights. This replaces the battle icons while still retaining the original teams. Restarting the game updates the teams to the ones supposed to be in this place.

To illustrate, this my event map right after it got repopulated. The marked Egg Thief battle used to be a Shadow Dragon battle:

Selecting the marked Egg Thief battle shows I’ll be fighting the replaced Shadow Dragon team instead. This isn’t just a visual issue, this team really shows up in battle:

Restarting the game instead and selecting the very same Egg Thief battle updates the state to the correct battle:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every repop during this “Ancient History” world event, ever since it started. There may have been very rare occurences of this in past world events.

Steps to make it happen again
See above. See also this bug report for video documentation.


This happens in any world event where battles can be refreshed. Didn’t connect the two until now. But it’s definitely happened before. I’d have to use time and logic to figure out the prior events though. And since the devs barely even look at these reports anymore. It seems my time would be better spent watching paint dry than trying to help keep people stay employed during a pandemic.

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This is also happening on PS4. Made me think I was going crazy when I clicked on a Shadow Dragon battle and ended up fighting another team.

I’m inclined to think it’s also prone to happen in any event in which fighting a battle causes the icons to reorganise themselves, as well.

I’ve passed this on.


World Event: Black Ice
Platform and Device OS: Mobile, Andriod

What I expected to happen: Selecting a ‘Hyndla’ battle would open up a battle where Hyndla would be on the enemy team.

What actually happened: Selected Hyndla and instead got a Frostfeather battle (see gif) however note one the victory screen it knew it was a Frostfeather Battle but awarded me the 2 secrets which Hyndla gives instead of the 1 that Frostfeather gives

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To add more, this should have been Ice Witch level 80 battle.
Rewards are correct, opponents were not - level 80 Hyndla as the victory screen reads.

From September:

I never noticed this issue. Also today when checking in detail it did not happen.

In comparison to the screens shown I dont have the auto scout feature active. Maybe in scouting there is no correct update for new team type (or too late). For no scouting the team maybe created in a later logic after this team type update was done.

Where’s Waldo Wath?

The same happening during this world event (PC/Steam).
At least battle rewards were as per correct Wrath.


New info:
teams revert to correct opponents if you restart the game - I had two Maraji Queen battles available, one had Maraji Queen and friends inside while the other had Bone Golem and friends inside. After restarting both battles feature Maraji Queen and friends.

Surely the bug must stem from battle refreshing procedure?

Not that I suggest people do this but I wonder if people have been using this to their advantage especially for leaderboards. If the wrong team is shown and is easier, fight it. If it isn’t easier, restart the game.

Looks like it is due to the game not being refreshed, from what we can see. Could you restart your game and let us know @starlite?

That is possible, as that probably was the first time I fought that location, and it probably was during my first session that I fought any battles for this World Event.

I’ll check all battles this weekend, and if I see one that doesn’t fit, I’ll restart the game and see if it changes.

You’ll just love this…

So, I encountered the team bug again, with the following four options (left to right), straight after beating Scorpius:

  • Wrath had a Bone Golem team
  • Pride had a Bone Golem team
  • Bone Golem was correct
  • Pride was correct

I restarted the game (on PC), and ended up with the Wrath battle fixed, but the erroneous Pride battle with this team:

I cannot even begin to explain how this has happened, or where it’s sourced this team from!

All I can say is that there’s clearly more going on than a failure to reset – because the reset dragged in a team from a past event.

Hope that helps.

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