Stellarix is stupidly overpowered. Change the 3x back to 2.1

As had been said due to attack becoming defense it’s a very boring mode now as basically the same teams are used in a region which will now often include Stella.
While you can beat them quite regularly I think a lot of the issue is the unfairness of obtaining the troop in the first place.
As we saw some people opened 30 eggs and still didn’t get all 6 initial dragons yet sat others got in 10 so when the new ones came out the second person has al the excess to potentially get the new ones start away while the other is still struggling.
It’s this rank unfairness that will be driving some of the comments.


Good grief, no. Stellarix is not stupid over powered. Stellarix, on a pvp defense, in a blood frenzy zone, is arguably a little over the top. But that isn’t the troop’s fault. It’s also one scenario in one mode.

Nerfing a troop that is pretty much fine everywhere else, because of pvp, is just short sighted at best. The thing that needs a nerf (more like a change of some sort) is blood frenzy. By that, I mean that someone did not think that through.

FWIW I do not have stellarix. I use Zuul, Zuul 2.0, weaver, gray king, spider throne, etc to deal with those teams.


Op probably had his team get 1 shotted and came here to make this thread without thinking about a way to stop that 1 shot

I don’t get how you can stop wand of stars (bless) into a one shot unless you’ve got a 1-2 turn killer, with luck that elementalist hasn’t also crippled your team. Pvp is now gems of pure luck. The opinions on forum skew disproportionately to end game users.


You need end game troops to stop and end game team. Imagine that. If you have the troops that have been shared in the counter thread its pretty easy to beat

Which is why there needs to be “easy, medium, hard” options in pvp.

By opening the door to nerfs, you will get nerfs. It’s not the troops it’s the existing mode and the restrictions, or samey battles.

Hopefully they will get it right with the mode, and have looked at feedback to help them.


So tell me what team took place over pathfinders you destroyed last patch? Exactly, nothing new. They just disappeared and self loop stopped to be a problem. Until Stella + wand pvp entered chat

Exactly, we agree. It’s pay to win now for anyone not at absolute end game. The meta is best when it is difficult to beat without such troops, but still possible. As it is now, there is a hard wall of forced retreats without insane luck.



Essence of evil

2 Beatrix or one Beatrix and gobtruffle or venorix.

Sorry but this team can beat stellarux, isn’t pay to win
Also easily obtained within 2 weeks for new players.

Winning shouldn’t be easy.
But I can guarantee one in ten wins with this team.

Again my point stands, people using excuses with PvP.

When we all know, it’s because people can’t get 300 400 500 wins in a row. It’s killing there ego.

Change is good, not bad. Or we’d still be in caves.

Responding back to that Thor clip about not nerfing but buffing, that is for games that have a wide meta, where there is a larger rock/paper/scissors type of meta, longer matches and a lot of skill in terms of how the different abilities are used.

There is no rock/paper/scissors dynamic here. One or two strategies are vastly superior, with ‘counters’ not being actual counters, but one that give you a 1/10 chance. You call that a strategy? This is not a healthy meta. I have Zuuls, Kurandras, Ctharrasque, Wand of Stars, all classes at 100, and still I am annoyed. People below me have given up on pvp entirely. I’m not the type to care about win streaks either. There is a disconnect between the upper echelon and the rest of the player base.

Expect lep to destoy about 16 green gems (30 with no 50% start) and calling that “counter”
and then enemy’s lep charges 18 all colors mana wand and dispel it.

That’s ladies and gentlemen the best virtual team building we have from our top endgamers

Ok the only thing il say is.

Like the other poster that constantly says, everyone is leaving, and your saying everyone has given up on PvP.

The actual leagues say different, and I’m sure the Devs stats say different.

PvP is harder and different, but if people can’t win, they move to a different region.

It’s not as bad as people say.

The worst issue in game is , dragon egg dupes, everything else pails in comparison. Imho.

Check the other thread, iv put in 6 teams.

I do actually team build, and not whine over change.

Sorry but , we disagree over that.

It’s not a quick win, it’s a random slow win.
Which is what early gamers should get.

Also to you and everyone using the word


A counter is a move after a move obviously
A counter move.

I was one of those people who didnt have Dia when Stella came out, so I didn’t have the stockpile of Dragonite to blow. I was still chasing Dia. Then of course they buffed Stella and said it was even better than Dia. That really frustrated me because I had soent all that time chasing Dia and i didnt even have that yet and there was an even better troop to chase. By the time I get Stella all this mess will be cleared up and i won’t get the joy from using Stella if it’s nerfed


By the time you have Stella.
There may be a better troop, new meta.

It’s the way.

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This is very true

I don’t want to spend countless time arguing things I didn’t say because people have reading comprehension problems or are just over argumentative to the hyperbolic.

Find a player who has played the minimum amount to get the full rewards and check their rank. It’s less than 2000 this week. The top player in my bracket has only 27k. Before, people had more than that the first day of the week.

The devs do have the stats.

And do you think there’s a bigger player base ranked over 2k or under 2k

And do you think any company should consider majority over minority.

Endgamers play less and less, as they have all the content.
It’s not a PvP reason.

Hows journey going since that nerf? Enjoying it?