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StarSheets: Screen Shots

Probably better for me to put the screenshots here and keep the chat in the other (Main) thread.

The main thread is here:

Click on the Star button and you get this:

Ctrl-Click on the Kingdom Name and you get this:

The rest of the screenshots show some of the extras I have included. I do use these for other things. More about that at a later date if this run is successful.

There is much more in StarSheets!


GoWStarSheets04b.ods uploaded. Includes new troop Sacrificial Priest.

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Latest Update is out: Here is a screenshot of the new troops in Mist of Scales Kingdom.

Download StarSheets from:



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Very nice work @Bludax!

I had a smaller version of this that I use for the exact same reasons, but I replaced it with your much improved (and very pretty) version :sunglasses:

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Thanks @TaliaParks Your comments are much appreciated. :heart_eyes: