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Stan Lee has Passed Away at the age of 95

May he rest in peace.

@IGN: BREAKING: Stan Lee has died at the age of 95.

https://t.co/jvuEYklg34 https://t.co/dlFfzG1lcC


R.I.P. :sob:

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A King is gone RIP :sob:


RIP :cry: :cry:



Many thanks to Stan Lee for everything he created. I’ve been reading comics for over 30 years and his contributions to pop culture have had a large hand in making me who I am. He lived a full and eventful life and may he now rest in peace.

Alas, such is life. People are born, accomplish little or much, and die. It’s happened to everyone who has ever lived.

I’ll miss Stan Lee, all he might’ve yet accomplished, the great support he gave the Salt Lake Comic-Con (now renamed thanks to a lawsuit by San Diego’s event despite all the other comic cons all over), his cameos in MARVEL movies, and anything I forgot to mention.

Im glad he got to see the movie Black Panther before he passed away. Possibly the best Marvel movie.

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another victim of thanos snap :frowning: xD

Sad news… but he had a long life full of amazing achievements…