Meet the Justice League

Kraken alias Aquaman

Valkyrie alias Power Girl

Justice alias Blue Beetle

Queen Mab alias Ice Maiden

And Finally Vangor alias Congorilla


Just curious… Why am included with a meta everyone dislikes? I am not mad because i dont know if it is a joke(in which case i am a fan) or an insult (in which case i am ambivalent)

Lol just a joke, i didin’t know there was a gorilla in the Justice League and i saw it so was thinking of you and thought it was funny

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Right on… I am out of likes so here ya go



Good one, Rikcymartins, I am out of likes too…

Well sorry can’t like it, i don’t like ricky martin lol

Livin la vida loca! :wink:

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lol hahahaha :flushed:

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Plz let the new mythic gorilla be called Godrilla.

Im sorry @Rickygervais for ricky martin bombing your thread… It was @Eika’s fault lol

I would prefer it to be called Vangor

He certainly didnt like this at all.