[SPOILERS] NEW Kingdom (~01.20.2017)

maybe its first +1 +1 +1 -1 -1 flag! :joy:

That’ll never happen. That’s a net of +1, they’re all a net of +2.

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I’ve farmed all the traitstones I’ll need for new troops, got a bank of gold and event keys, can we just fast forward to Friday?


I doubt I can mystic all 8 troops even with my hoard of chests. So I have given up farming for traitstones as well. It will come naturally, I hope…

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Yeah, there is no way I’ll get the common to mythic for a while, nor the rares. Event keys should get the Ultra to Legends ascended, and I’ll have enough glory to buy 16+ copies of the epic on Monday to top that one off as well. I’m nearing the point of “completion” (outside owning all mythics, grumble grumble), so it gave me something to target.

204 arcane traitstones to finish all my troops, with 75 of them up for purchase via glory within a month. By mid February the only thing left to trait will be guardians and mythics.

edit: I should add that Event keys are saved for Monday!

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mythics are the reason why i reserve only gold keys and maybe a few event keys just to find 1 legend for the new kingdom
the rest will be allocated towards reducing grumble damage

Heh, 4 months worth of Glory and Gem keys from guild tasks have gotten me 0 Mythics. My grumble damage is reaching critical levels.


Maybe i’ll miss a few Runics to fully trait the entire kingdom since i started to trait the Guild Guardians, but maybe i’ll still get some runics from keys if i’m lucky. Also i second Rasper’s wish to fast-forward this new kingdom release. :grin:

Do we have an exact time for this yet? No clue if I need to stream the new kingdom or not tonight.

Troops are marked as visible at 01/19/17 23:00:00 PST. In the past, that’s been a reliable indicator.

Chest indicate in 9hrs.
So EST would be approx 2am.

Do we think the new kingdom is still coming today?
I just checked the game files and I still can’t see some graphic objects, like the new banner. They will have to push out an update in the next 51 minutes.

I’m on playing on pc with Steam and at 834pm pst there was an update to the game files. That would indicate to me that we are getting the new kingdom after reset at 11pm pst as planned.

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I’m on Steam too, but that update hasn’t rolled out to me for some reason.

You may have to go into Library - Downloads and see if it’s there but you have to manually start the download. I have mine set to update as soon as one is available.

Or if that area is ok then you may have to go to Library. Right click on Gems of War. Select properties. Select the tab Local files. Then click on Verify game cache. The system will check everything to verify it’s ok and ready to go.

Mobile/ Tablet players may get errors, due to the delay on the new kingdom deployment going out. Please wait 5 - 10 minutes before trying again.

New kingdom is here! Story spoilers if you scroll down.

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I got the update on Steam and now I can’t login. I have been trying for the last 10 minutes and keep getting this error message

So where is hiding on the map?

I see it in the Kingdom pulldown in Troops listed, but I don’t see any kingdom on the map for it

I have the new kingdom. Well, mostly. Its city art has gone missing, and so I can’t click / select it!

Tried relaunching game… Maybe it’ll arrive later… @Nimhain @Sirrian

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