[SPOILERS] NEW Kingdom (~01.20.2017)

This is the same issue that a few people in Intrim have too.

Due to the way the new servers deploy things out… the new kingdom’s arrival is just delayed a little… it’ll be there shortly
It’s our first big release with the new servers, so we weren’t 100% sure how it would all go out


Can’t get into the new kingdom on the map, but can confirm Silverglade troops are in chests

However, tiny bug: chest opening list isn’t sorting new stuff to the top any more? @sirrian @Nimhain

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I also can no longer pvp with the broken silverglade on my map. My pvp turns up empty.
<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business5/uploads/gemsofwar/original/3X/b/1/b15576cd50293bf588e3b989501400a63951758e.png" width=“690” height=“388”>

You can refresh it by paying the 50g in casual a few times and usually works.

When did chest sorting ever put new stuff at the top? I thought it was by rarity, then alphabet.


Same issue as maxx huge error , cant get into game. Reinstall doesnt help.

wahahahaha :sweat_smile:


Umm… dunno… pretty sure that it did… though it’s a while since either of us (probably) got any new troops…

looking at remoteConfig.json, it looks like it once again sends only 30% of steam users to the new servers. Could explain the problems people have that were supposedly only happening with the old servers.

Yeah they changed it so new troops were at the top awhile back. Sounds like maybe some old code got redeployed

The only new troops I’ve gotten in the last few weeks would have been sorted to the top based on rarity anyway: Wulfgarok, Draakulis, etc. shrug

Edit: well, what do you know?

I don’t want to do a whole new thread about it, but there’s a typo with the Drakon:
"…If the enemy’s magic IF greater than mine…"
Should be “IS greater than mine”.

Another typo in Krystenax’s spell text: “Deal [] damage all enemies…” – missing the word “to” in there.


Typo in its third trait as well: Crystallize should be Crystallise… :smiley:

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Hmmmm, you bring up an interesting point about how common the mythics and legendaries are at end game. They are as common as giant rats once you start PvP’ing lvl 800 plus players.

It makes me wonder if this game’s meta could use some kind of point buy system in setting teams up. Find some variation that way or limit of one Mythic per groups or some rot. I see both sides of that. I mean why strive to have all these mythics if you cannot steam roll with them? On the other hand it’s hardly mythic when you have three teams of Famine or whatever.

Maybe lower point buy costs if you match city or troop types as a logistic bonus. Maybe new hero traits to assist with same? Just floating ideas to maybe keep things fresh.

1 20 2017, really?

Yes, you did necro a thread from early 2017.

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